The Purpose of an Education
Growing up, I remember hearing that an education was one of the best things I could do for myself. I was taught the importance of getting good grades and working hard in school. I knew what my potential was, and felt bad if I ever dropped below that point. I learned to study, and worked hard for achievements which came my way. Looking back, I have forgotten a majority of the things which I studied, yet I remember stressing about those items when they were important, so I have to ask myself, what really was the point?
After taking the time to reflect on this question, I have come to the conclusion that the education I received as a kid was simply preparing me for more difficult situations I would face in the future. I learned how to study, memorize, and how to solve problems. Though those concepts studied were important, the underlying idea, or practice I received from those experiences led me to the places I am now.

An education is designed to provide training for actual experiences which a person will face in the desired field they would like to enter. As students pursue a four year degree from a college or university, they are given the option to explore a wide variety of fields, to find out which niche will fit their skill sets most efficiently. Once they have found their skills, they learn to specialize, gaining as much knowledge as they possibly can about that area, without actually being in that environment. Students are provided with simulations of a sort, where they can gain hands on experience in situations which they will likely face in the work force.

Some forms of education are meant to provide even further specialization, such as IT certifications. There are many different types of certifications, such as a Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCTS Training and MCSA, or Novell CNA. Maybe you would like learn more about A+; the options are far and wide, but the idea behind becoming certified is to offer a unique training which others don’t have. Through certifications students gain training which will open up doors for them in the work place. Microsoft MCITP Certification are for those who are interested in becoming IT professionals, or those who are already working in that field who would like further training.

An education can change a person’s life and career. It is an investment which brings future benefits and job opportunities because of the experience and training it promotes. Through education and individual can gain skills and knowledge which will set them apart from competition in the field desired to enter. So what is the purpose? I believe the purpose of an education is to improve lives.