MCTS Course – Building Yourself A Solid Future
For years, Microsoft has been a leader in the world of technology, creating innovative solutions to keep up with customer demand. To prepare professionals to work with system networking, specialized training is needed. While Microsoft offers a number of programs, the best way to get started is by taking an MCTS course. For this, you would start at the beginning and then work your way through each level until you have achieved a number of certificates.

MCTS stands for Microsoft Certified System Engineer, which is a professional that has the skills and knowledge to prepare, manage, execute, and troubleshoot systems in a variety of environments. The person that goes through this type of training already has experience in certain areas and in fact, to complete the program, a number of mandates exist pertaining to experience.

In addition, MCTS training focuses on a specific professional to include network analysts, system analysts, support engineers, and technical consultants. If you fall within any of these categories and can dedicate between 200 and 250 hours as well as make the financial investment of $200 to $4,000 depending on the exact course taken, then you could get started.

The MCITP Certification would require you to pass seven tests, consisting of four tests that cover networking, one test on client operating systems, one on design, and then one elective test. We wanted to provide you an overview of each MCTS course, giving you a better understanding of what would be taught.

– Networking: Again, to be certified, you would need to pass four tests. These exams would encompass Windows Server 2003, which is an operating system used around the world. As a part of the training, you would gain insight into the active directory infrastructure and network infrastructure, which covers different aspects such as managing, planning, maintaining, and implementing these systems.

– Client Operating Systems: This MCTS course allows you to choose one test out of two possibilities. As far as operating system, this would cover Vista or XP.

– Design: With this MCTS course, the same things would be covered as with the client operating system course. Additionally, you would learn about Windows Server 2003’s network infrastructure, along with an active directory or designing security.

– Elective: The great thing about the elective test is that you get to make the decision as to what you want to learn. You will discover a variety of options, each exciting and highly beneficial. What this means is that along with the mandated courses, you get to choose the MCTS course that you want to enhance your IT knowledge base for the job you have or pursuing, or personal interest.

With IT being the heart of computer technology, trained professionals are always needed. To be noticed from the moment you present your resume, we strongly recommend you go through at least one MCTS course, but the more the better. When a prospective employer sees that you have successfully completed this type of training, it immediately puts on you on a different playing level from other candidates. Even if you were looking to move up within a company where you already work, your employer would be impressed to see you possess a certification for a MCTS course.