Why People Fail in Online Business (part 2)
Many people fail into having a successful internet business because they have a wrong mindset, regarding online businesses.

They think that the rules that apply in the brick-and-mortar offline world apply in the internet world, but the truth is the total opposite.

To start a successful offline business you got to have…

– A great location

– A little advertising

– And The Hope that the people will come to visit and buy from your store.

That do not apply in the online business world. Sorry that i have to be the one that tell`s you this.

Online business owners put their money into building beautiful websites and then sit back and wait for the money to come. It do not work like this Microsoft MCTS Training.

The brick-and-mortar store competes only with the 4-5 stores that are in town, while you are competing with thousands of websites, that sell products similar to yours and with better prices. Now, a good question would be…

How in the world will the customers find me?

A good answer might be Search Engine Oprimization, in order to make a SEO friendly site, that the search engines will love and rank him in the top 10 – 20 results. Why there? Because if you aren`t in the top 10 – 20 results you have small chances to have target traffic from organic search engines.

But, if you make it in the first 10-20 results, you have what is called VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE.

In order to do that, you have to PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Lack of planning kill any business. If Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Ebay, Amazon etc. Are planning their strategies years before they even do it, why don`t you do it?

For an internet business to succeed, there has to a comprehensive plan that includes website design, the focus of your business, marketing strategies, fulfillment strategies, and strategies to handle customer complaints. Most new internet businesses have no focus.

The owner just knows that he wants to start a business online. In order to properly plan, the online business owner has to have knowledge of every aspect of his business, marketing strategies others in the field are employing with success, and the knowledge of internet marketing.

An online business need 3 things in order to succeed…

1. Traffic

2. Constant Customer Support

3. Close the Sale.

Even the offline business can`t survive if they have no customers. I now you know that. But you know, that this applies for the online business world too? Then why aren`t you doing what you know?

Many new online business owners, their first time starting a business online, expect that simply having their website online will generate money for them and make them rich. It doesn’t Microsoft MCITP Certification.

Having traffic to your site is not that simple as it may seem. It is HARD. Even if you use PPC search engines will this guarantee you that you will have some kind of revenue?And if you will have… will the revenue cover all the expenses that you have with your site?

Some people have the luck of hiring a website design firm who has explained to their customer that they will need site optimization, and probably offered traffic generation services.

TRAFFIC IS GREAT. You feel wonderful when you see that thousand of people enter your site.

But how do you think it feels, that you have 1000 or more visitors to your site per day, but you aren`t making any money? MISERABLE. Why can`t you make money with 1000 or more people coming to your site?

Because you forgot to capture their contact details, in order to follow up with them latter. What are contact details? NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. Simply capturing email addresses gives you the opportunity to invite this prospect back to your site.

Finally, another great mistake that people make is that they don`t track and measure the statistics. It’s unbelievable how many online business owners fail to track and measure their efforts. This probably is a byproduct of improper planning. But even planning without tracking and measuring results is pointless.

Because of the lack of tracking, you could end up spending more money into advertising efforts that aren’t working and less time and money on efforts that do work.

Your online business doesn’t have to fail. Educating yourself on internet marketing and operating and online business will build your self-assurance. Constructing a plan for your business will help you develop the discipline you need to keep your business moving in the right direction. Don’t allow your online business to fail when it’s so easy to get the tools to succeed.

One of the best tracking program out there is Google Analytics and guess what… IS FREE.