We dream of building products which can cater to the masses
Yusuf Motiwala is CEO, TringMe, a Web-based telephony platform that unifies myriad technologies to facilitate voice communication calls via the Web to anyone over the phone Microsoft MCTS Training.

TringMe dreams of giving the Web a voice, enabling voice communication across the Internet and via mobile devices, all with the utmost simplicity. Voice is an everyday part of our life, yet the life we live on the Web is devoid of ‘voice’ to a large extent. TringMe dreams of filling this void and making voice communication commonplace on the Web.

This will mark the next wave of innovation in the voice communication world and we believe that TringMe has a huge opportunity to make it big on the world stage.

“TringMe’s journey started with a humble dream of making it easy to call from the Internet. The dream started evolving into a vision – of weaving voice into the current tools of communication”.

Imagine that you can make and receive calls from the Internet directly, i.e., from within a browser. What if you didn’t have to remember or store several different phone numbers for every contact in our mobile devices? Imagine being able to ‘call’ people using merely their e-mail address Microsoft MCITP Certification.

Now also imagine a way for everybody to make worldwide calls for next to nothing – for that truck driver, rickshaw-wallah, carpenter or laundry-man to stay connected with his relative in the Middle-East, Africa or wherever they may be, without having to pay expensive ‘per minute’ call charges.

Our vision is to make VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) accessible to the common man, be it a geek, a GenX youngster, a 50 year-old executive, or a stay-at-home mom. We dream of using technology to build products that can cater to the masses. We feel that a system, however complex it is internally, needs to be extremely simple for an end-user to handle. “We strongly believe that technology needs to be used for the betterment of the general public, for those who cannot afford expensive international calls, and for those who aren’t tech-savvy enough to use the Internet to make calls.”

To enable this and more, our vision is to build an ecosystem wherein the application developers and consumers can both benefit from the innovation that is fuelled by TringMe’s platform. Our vision is to make ‘voice’ a common-place attribute on the Web much like what Flash and Ajax is today for Web 2.0 applications.

We dream of being different and daring to conquer our wildest dreams of bringing in the voice plane to today’s Internet conversations.

Given the traction and acceptance it has received, we have high hopes of making TringMe the de-facto voice platform for the Internet.