3 safe resources to help you prepare for your MCTS/MCITP certification exams

Regardless of the certification, your best bet is to visit the certification vendor first. They will almost always have the resources you need to at least get started on your certification. In this case, the first resource I suggest is the Windows Vista – Learning Portal. Within the Learning Portal you’ll find a plethora of resources that will help you along your path to Vista certification, including their Special Offers which will often give you financial assistance, such as a Free Second Shot Offer, free software, and even free e-learning Microsoft MCTS Training.

Since it is rare that anyone use just one resource to earn their certifications, take a look around on the vendor’s website to see if they recommend any additional resources. Often you will find that the vendors recommend specific materials that meet their criteria; going this route is guaranteed to keep your certifications safe. A few examples of recommendations that Microsoft has made on their website are SelfTestSoftware, MeasureUp, or any of their CPLSs.

Published books and “prep kits” are another great resource that will help you grasp the technology from an angle that you may not immediately see when working with the technology and they will often explain in-depth why the technology is the way it is, but the most important aspect of books (not to be confused with many E-books) is that the authors of books, such as this one which was recently published by Syngress, are known professionals in the industry and will not put your certifications at risk.

The Real MCTS/Microsoft MCITP Certification Exam 70-620 Prep Kit: Independent and Complete Self-Paced Solutions

Here is a list of some of the top book sellers of MCTS/MCITP books and test prep kits: