MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. This is a certification provided by Microsoft and works across various Windows platforms. This is an IT professional course that carries 1-2 years of experience specifically in working with network based systems. The best part of MCSE certification is that you get the qualification directly from Microsoft, which is without a question, one of the leading software companies in the world today.

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Role of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
The role of the MCSE is to show clients owning a Windows network system how to plan and execute the Windows-based infrastructure that they need to fulfill their requirements. The engineer is responsible for installing the applications on the various systems that the client owns and configuring it so that it best meets the client’s needs. The engineer helps with the troubleshooting of these applications as well.

This is the basic gamut of duties that a profession hired on virtue of a MCSE certification has to perform. However, there can be various kinds of roles that the MCSE might be fit into. They may work as a technical support engineer, technical consultant, network analyst, systems engineer and system analyst.

Requirements of the MCSE Examination
The MCSE examination consists of 7 tests in all. Out of these, 5 tests are core, while the other two are elective. There are various criteria on which a candidate’s performance is judged in these examinations. These examinations can be offered from the Microsoft website itself, which also has a complete brochure of information about what the tests contain, the subjects involved and the various criteria for passing the tests.

Being a technology-based qualification, continuing education becomes necessary. If any technology becomes outworn, the candidate will have to appear for a replacement examination (for the new technology that has taken the place of the previous one) and re-certification in that becomes essential. Re-certification examinations are also offered from the Microsoft website itself.

Benefits of Getting MCSE Certification
One of the main benefits is the widening of job profile. A certificate from Microsoft opens up a lot of vistas in the IT field and highly-paying jobs can be easily obtained. As more and more companies are entering into the IT arena and are beginning to use Microsoft products, the need for MCSEs is certainly on the rise.

Who Goes for MCSE Certificate Examinations?
The MCSE examination is meant for everyone-people who are just looking for a lucrative career in the IT industry to people who are hardened IT professionals already and are looking at improving their profiles. The name of Microsoft carries the impression of a rapidly-evolving company with it. Getting a certificate directly from this company reflects on the candidate’s work profile as well. If any IT professional wants to project the image of being a dynamic certified IT professional, then this is the qualification that must be looked for. The Microsoft website is the best place to look for specific information on this examination and the program that follows it.