Move through hours of in-depth content quickly and easily due to the Windows XP Professional and organized structure.

Utilizing PowerPoint presentations enhances the delivery by displaying a variety of visual information to the user. This type of representation allows the user to better interpret the material through charts, definitions, graphs, and more…

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Move forward, back, and repeat entire topics or just a section. A progress bar illuminates as you advance through exercises.

All courses feature full-motion videos of instructors teaching the information as if they are speaking directly to you. Our unique delivery simulates a one-on-one classroom environment creating a more personal lesson and learning experience.

Printable study guides for the entire course are available. This microsoft exams allows all material to be viewed, reviewed, and printed for viewing at a later date.

Each section has a review quiz to aid in the learning process by validating the comprehension of the material covered before moving on to a new section.

All courses are resumed to where you left off last session allowing you to learn when it is convenient for you without the hassle of remembering where you includes Authorized Practice Exams from Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider (MeasureUp) to fully prepare you for the certification exams. Because many companies offer training and practice tests, the Microsoft MCP program has designated MeasureUp as a certified test provider to help MCTS candidates select the highest quality products and services. Microsoft performs quality reviews on all Practice Test Provider, and only approved practice test vendors bear the Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider logo.

Demonstrations are a way for the instructor to show and tell the user how to perform a task by actually doing it on screen in front of them. In this format it gives the user the 70-207 exam to see things done by a professional in the intended environment as many times as they would like.