Question No:1
You will be installing MCSA Certification on a computer you purchased one year ago. This computer has 256M RAM and 9GB of disk space. Five users will be sharing this computer. All of them use graphic intensive software. You need to ensure optimal performance and efficient user switching. Which of the following is a correct guideline to follow?

A. Make sure you have a 500mhz+ CPU
B. Add an additional 100MHZ for each user
*C. Add an additional 64M of RAM for each user
D. Consider deploying a RAID 5 disk subsystem
E. Consider installing an OPENGL compatible video adaptor

Most of the time the speed of the CPU is probably the least critical element of an XP system. More memory will do much more to keep a system running smoothly, especially with multiple applications and multiple users. Plan to have at least 64 MB for each additional user. 128MB on a single user system is the minimum recommended setup.

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Question No:2
You will be installing WinXP on a Compaq computer you purchased one month ago. What are the available forms of MCP certification Pro installation for this computer?

*A. Clean install
B. Remote install
*C. Side by side
D. Diskless install
*E. Upgrade over

A clean install ensures that you are wiping out all traces of any previous Windows problems caused by installing and uninstalling programs, downloading Web-based components, and over-tweaking the computer’s settings. Therefore, you will have a clean registry and a solid base of Windows system files to start with. Upgrade over or side-by-side are valid forms of upgrade, although in the real world we see many problems encountered during such upgrades.

Question No:3
Which of the following stages will be skipped if you boot your system using the WinXP installation CD for installation?

*A. File copy
B. Text mode setup
C. GUI mode setup
D. Windows Welcome
E. Reboot

A clean setup consists of several distinct steps. Of these steps, at the File copy step the installer copies the free Cisco practice tests Setup files to a folder on the partition where they can run when you restart the system. If you boot from CD, Setup skips this step and loads the files directly from the CD.