In the app world, phones get all the love—but what about the millions of iPod touch owners out there? We’ve got the same top-notch iOS operating system, and access to most of the same apps, but our needs are very different. For an app to be a must-have for the iPod touch, it needs to hit one of the following criteria: It should work well online and offline, since Wi-Fi isn’t as widely available as an always-on cell connection. It should be fun, since entertainment is the iPod touch’s first job. Here, music, movies, and games trump productivity. That’s not to say, though, that there aren’t some great apps to help you get your work done. Lastly, it should either add a new feature to the touch, or make it do something even better—like make phone calls, for instance.

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We’ve pored through the App Store’s offerings and rounded up 15 apps that are perfect for your iPod touch (including a few that even make it work like its phone cousin). The best part? None of the apps will cost you a penny.