It’s President’s Day here in the United States, which got us thinking about great leaders. Since PCMag is in the business of covering and reviewing technology, of course we’re thinking about tech leaders.

Tech leaders may not wield the political power of, say, a president, but they do have their own kind of power, influencing the lives of billions. Like many U.S. presidents, many heads of tech companies had humble beginnings. After all, the start of the personal computer revolution really took place in garages and meeting halls. But now, many of these same folks have amassed billions of dollars while working in the technology industry.

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Unlike holding presidential office, once someone hits the top in technology, there are no term limits and there’s no minimum age requirement. Some of the richest, tech commanders in chief are part of a second revolution that centered on the Internet, which means they’re still quite young (although the “old guard” is far from ancient).

So who are the richest leaders in technology? Be prepared to see some familiar faces, such as our old pals Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. After all, amassing a fortune doesn’t happen overnight, unless you’re someone like a certain social networking service co-founder. Find out who the richest leaders in technology are in our slideshow.