Angus MacGyver could take seemingly insignificant every day items and combine them in such a way that he could foil any villain’s nefarious plans. All MacGyver needed to make a hang glider was a paperclip and a piece of tissue paper (okay, well maybe he needed more than that, but you get the point). If the show took place today, MacGyver would have a lot more tech tools at his disposal, but he’d still need some low-tech stuff to make it all work.


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Even though the technology we surround ourselves with is far and away more advanced than anything made 10 years ago, it’s still based on some pretty basic underpinnings. If you want to keep your gadgets functioning, your tool set may resemble the improvised tool set of an Army field medic more than that of a Star Trek character.

What would your luddite-like kit contain? Gather a paperclip, tweezers, tape, and assorted hand tools and it could easily look like a pile of junk. It turns out, though, that these very items are essential to keeping all of your gadgets running. Seeing these basic tools next to your high-tech toys is like seeing a ridiculously expensive Rolex timepiece with a Velcro strap. It’s a very odd combination, but it’s what works.

Without the right tools, your next repair may resemble an episode of MacGruber more than MacGyver. Find out which essential low-tech tools you should keep handy for your high-tech toys in our slideshow.