Microsoft, known for its Windows OS and its Microsoft Office software is organising an event, TechEd 2011. The event is happening in Hyderabad, starting from today, i.e., 13th May and continues till 15th of May.

Well, the event started off with the keynote of Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft. But, unfortunately, I could not attend it because I came in late. Anyways, keeping that apart, this event is rocking folks!


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Speakers from various places have gathered and are giving session on various software platforms that Windows supports, like Virtualization, SQL, .NET and many others. All these sessions are happening in parallel.

I have attended the Virtualisation session and it was awesome. As I said earlier, there are so many sessions happening in parallel. You cannot attend all of them.

Many contests are also happening across the different stalls that have been set up. Each and every contest that’s being conducted gives visitors a chance to win either a T-shirt or a Pen drive or some or the other cool stuff.

Apart from this, a round around the stalls can provide one a glimpse into ‘hot’ technologies. You can find the new improved Xbox being displayed with certain cool new features.

There are also Windows 7 demo sessions happening and based on certain tests you can also get a certificate from Microsoft. And Oh! the EFY Group of publications has its stall too, with some cool subscriptions schemes.
The sponsors of this event are The EFY Group, Intel, Citrix Systems, CA, Dev March, Oreinsoft Technologies, Oracle, Kingfisher and many others.