If you are a software developer and have good knowledge of Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1, Visual Studio 2003 and 2008 and want to prosper and earn high bugs, it’s time to get certified by Microsoft. Microsoft offers Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification for advanced programmers. MCSD.Net certified developers are in great demand today in IT industry that design and develop leading edge enterprise solutions using tools and technologies developed by Microsoft and .Net framework.


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Candidates who have got 2 years or more experience of development and maintaining solutions and applications is eligible to take MCSD.Net certification. Candidates opting for this certification are required to pass all four Core exam and one Elective exam. The Core exam tests the candidates with their technical proficiency and expertise in developing and maintaining enterprise applications that are based on Microsoft Development Tools, technologies and Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1. The elective exam includes technical expertise in any of the Microsoft Server Product. This certification holds its value for your entire lifetime for as long as demand of IT Professionals exists in the market. You can get comprehensive and updated information about list of exams on Microsoft website. Whenever some exam gets retired or some tracks are redesigned you needn’t take the whole certification again. You are required to pass only the replacement exam after you get certified then there’s no need of Re-Certification.

Software Training Academy offers 3-day intensive course for MCSD.Net preparing candidates. It offers different modes of teaching- Onsite Training, In-Class Training, Coached Self paced and Live-Class via Web. You can choose any mode according to your suitability of location as well as pace of learning. It also offers your interaction with instructor. There are a number of training providers for this certification. You can google about it and get more details.

You can get reference material for MCSD.Net certification on Microsoft Website for your guidance. Pressman book is a great book to get your fundamentals right about various Microsoft Technologies. But just reading is not enough; you need to practice them a lot on Microsoft Certified Tools.