MCITP stands for Microsoft Certified Information Technology earn an MCITP Certification for a specific IT job, which establishes that you have the necessary credentials and technical know-how. However, you must first complete the appropriate MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) certification/s before moving on to the MCITP. Jobs that are available with an MCITP certification include database administrators, network engineers, enterprise messaging administrators and systems administrators.
Database administrators are responsible for determining how to analyze, present, store, organize and use data. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics at, database administrators must set up and troubleshoot new databases based on the needs of organizations and companies, and must also update and integrate old database systems into new ones. As many databases are linked to the Internet, database administrators must also ensure that proper security measures are in place.


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Network engineers (or architects) are responsible for designing windows 7 configuration computer networks, specifically wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), intranets (which are restricted communication networks) and for the Internet. According to, they may design networks that connect computers across different offices, buildings or even countries. In addition to programming network software, network engineers also work with hardware, installing cables, adapters, routers and other devices and components.

Within the position of enterprise messaging administrator are several subdivisions, such as email administrator, mail server administrator and messaging administrator. These are the people who recover lost information, uphold the security of lines of communication and may also plan upgrades and other server changes.

System administrators–according to–are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of all aspects of computer systems, which includes hardware (like computers), networks (like WANs and LANs) and software components such as databases. Unlike the above positions, system administrators analyze and troubleshoot the connectivity and fluidity of multipl MCTS system components, as opposed to narrowing in on one specific item. They are commonly employed by small businesses, corporations and government and nonprofit organizations.