Making money is the whole point of running your own business, but in an age of continuing recessions, saving money is just as important. Fortunately, technology allows businesses to do more things on their own and cut costs, therefore maximizing profit. If you want to make the tally sheets add up to profit incentives at the end of the day, learn to simplify your costs. From check printing using your own printers installed with MICR toner cartridges to using the free services of sites like Skype, businesses have more ways to save on their core costs than ever before.


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Skype is a great way to communicate globally on the cheap, and in many cases free, dime. Download it to a smartphone, and enjoy audio as well as video calls anywhere in the world without paying a cent. It also works on computer terminals for video as well as voice calls. Businesses can pay a little extra to call people not connected to Skype, as well as have their own VoIP communication services. Just the other day, I chatted with a business partner about the prospect of converting his entire payment cycle to his own check printing. I told him where to get the right MICR toner cartridges. It was all free, and it saved him a bundle.

Google Calendar and Documents
Google makes it easy to connect and share with business colleagues all over the world. If you need to keep a team on track, connect them all to the Google calendar. Members can share their calendars back and forth to coordinate schedules. Documents can also be shared and edited among groups. It’s the perfect business tool, and doesn’t cost a cent. Next on my Google calendar list is to inventory my check printing program. Thanks to Google, I know that task won’t get away. Come to think of it, I am almost out of MICR toner cartridges. Better order those fast!

In-House Services
The Internet and other technological improvements make it so easy to do for yourself so many of the things you used to pay someone else in day to day business. Take check printing, for instance. With a good check printing program, any modern office printer filled with MICR toner cartridges, and I can print every company check, and never have to pay that exorbitant fee to the bank. With services like Paypal, I can even pay many international partners instantly without having to worry about the costs of a traditional bank.