Think about how much you do—or could do—with your phone: make phone calls and send and receive email, IM, and text messages. You probably download TV shows, movies, and music to your phone. And of course, you take, send, and receive photos. It's truly amazing—anywhere you go, you're connected. So here's the question. If you already have everything on your phone, why sync it with your PC?
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Because synchronizing your phone with your PC is the best way to transfer information, settings, and files. You keep all your information up to date. And you have it at home and at work.

Keep appointments
We're all overbooked. If you've entered an appointment or meeting into your PC and haven't synced with your phone, you could miss the appointment. If you’re scheduling appointments away from home on your phone and your phone's not synced with the up-to-date schedule on your computer, you may miss the appointment and have to call the dentist, piano teacher, or doctor to reschedule. Often, you have to pay for those missed appointments. Plus, you go through the hassle of rescheduling.

The latest version of Windows Phone makes it even easier to keep track of appointments. The new Today screen that appears when you turn on your phone shows your appointments and any missed calls, unread messages, and your programs. The new Lock screen displays new messages and appointments without requiring you to enter a PIN when the phone is locked—all while providing access to mute, speakerphone, hold, and other functions during calls, so you don’t miss a thing. Call it appointment insurance.

Take work, projects, or homework with you
Need to finish your homework—a report on fifteenth-century Paraguayan dictators—or practice a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation? Now you can do this work on your phone while riding the bus or sitting in a coffee shop. Have to complete a report or speech or enter data into an Excel spreadsheet for a project you're working on? Catch up with your work on your phone while you’re waiting for your teenager to finish guitar lessons or while you're having the oil changed in your car. It's possible just by installing Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone. And because you get the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel and the programs that you’re used to, there's no learning curve.

If you're using a touch screen phone, you get additional features, such as word count and spell check. You can create charts in Microsoft Excel Mobile, plus you can create documents in Microsoft Word Mobile, and you can highlight sections of content that you would like to fix later or that you've downloaded and want to remember. You can use OneNote Mobile to take quick notes or to save web links and then sync your notes with your PC, so you always have up-to-date information.

The latest version of Microsoft Office Mobile is compatible with the Office 2010 and previous Microsoft Office and Office Mobile releases, so you can work with all your existing Microsoft Office documents. Plus, Office Mobile gives you even more options for working with documents from your phone. Now you can create even richer charts in Excel Mobile, use SmartArt and Themes in PowerPoint Mobile, and view the contents of zipped folders. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a choice about how you view those documents? If you use Windows Phone, you do. With Windows Phone, you can choose between Mobile view (enhanced for display on phones) or Full Desktop view when working on documents. Also, the improved clipboard on your Windows Phone makes copying and pasting to and from any applications on your phone simple and intuitive.

Office Mobile 2010 includes a new application that makes working with documents on your phone even easier—SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. This application makes sending your Microsoft Office documents from your phone via email or saving them directly to SharePoint Server simple. You can open SharePoint documents directly from your phone, edit them, and save them to the server. You can also sync them to your PC.

You can download a free Office Mobile upgrade for qualified phones. If Office Mobile is not pre-installed on your phone, you don't have to get a new phone. You can just purchase Office Mobile separately from Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Read this article to learn even more about Office Mobile 2010.

Save pictures
You take pictures with your phone, right? You take your phone everywhere, so when you don't have your camera, you just take pictures with your phone. You snap photos of your kids when they do something cute, which, let's face it, as parents, you think is pretty often. You're on a great mountain bike trail, and you take a picture to send to your friends. And what was once only available to private eyes and spies is now right on your phone. Espionage is at your fingertips. Sort of. Honest espionage. Like covertly snapping a shot of the cute guy you've been telling your friends about. Or taking a picture of the waterfront condo your parents want to buy. You can send these pictures right away, but you probably want to save many of them to your PC. One word: synchronize.

Protect your stuff against loss or theft
Here's a question for you. What's easier to misplace or even lose: your phone or your PC? Loss, theft, and malfunctions don't just happen to others. They happen. To everyone.

Although replacing a lost or stolen phone isn't exactly fun, it's a job you can take care of pretty easily. Replacing the email, contact information, pictures, music, and documents that you stored on that phone, however, can prove to be an impossible task if you haven’t synchronized your phone with your PC on a regular basis.

And remember this. You wouldn't dream of not backing up your PC. For your phone, synchronizing is your backup.

Want more peace of mind? Try the Microsoft My Phone service. It’s free. My Phone backs up the contents of your Windows Phone—contacts, calendars, photos, text messages, documents, and more—to the My Phone website for password-protected access and retrieval from any PC with an Internet connection. A bonus: After you’ve synced your phone’s contents to My Phone, you can search your text messages from the My Phone site. With My Phone, you can also easily send photos to social networking sites—from your phone—and even locate your phone if you lose it.

Sync and save—time, money, and your important information!