MCSE is absolutely a great certification to have on your Curriculum Vitae. It demonstrates to employers that you know how to practically design and implement infrastructure for Windows Server 2003 and 2000 for business solutions. If you have already taken the full certification, it’s easy for you to upgrade onto other I.T paths by taking one or two exams, rather than 7 now. Here we will talk about upgrading form MCSE.


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You can obtain all three MCTS for your area by completing the upgrade 70-649 exam, which upgrades your MCSE to Windows Server 2008 – the newest server. To obtain two MCTS on the 2008 version of Windows Server, you can also take the upgrade 70-648 exam. Taking these two exams will update your skills to the new programs and demonstrate your willingness to specialize.

Only you have already taken the MCSE, the updated version, which looked at Windows Server 2003, it’s not hard for you to upgrade to a few chosen paths. Upgrading will help you flourish in your career by opening up more opportunities, further validate your skills, demonstrate your commitment to the job as well.

70-649 exam is a prerequisite before you take the MCITP Enterprise Administrator upgrade exam while you need three MCTS, two of which you will have obtained whilst completing your MCSE and the other from 70-649, which upgrades you to Windows Server Technology Specialist of 2008. To upgrade for the MCITP Server Administrator,  you are required to complete both MCTS (exam 70-649 and 70-648) to update you technology specialist certification to Windows Server of 2008.

In order to upgrade your MCSE certification to the MCITP Administrator completely, you need to take one of the following exams:

(1) Deploying and maintaining Windows Vista Client and 2007 Microsoft Office Systems Desktops (Exam 70-624).
(2) Configuring Windows Vista Client (Exam 70-620 ).
(3) Windows 7 Configuration (Exam 70-680).

To finish all you need for the MCITP Server Administrator, all you need to do after gaining the two MCTS is take the ‘Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator’ exam (70-646). One of these exams is then taken with 70-647 ‘Windows Server 2008, enterprise Administrator’ in order for you to gain the full MCITP Enterprise Administrator qualification. So, now you all are clear about Upgrading From the MCSE? Hope the post above can help you know more about MCSE.