Kins-Are-a-Bigger-Deal-than-Windows-Phone-OS-7The last September, comments of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, had some kind of theorizing. As a matter of fact, the handheld team of Microsoft was confused and for that reason it was unable to take on the iPhone of Apple as well as other devices.

At the Mobile World Congress which was held in February, a glimpse at Windows Phone OS 7. was given by Ballmer due to which some skeptics believed that Microsoft was going to get back in the world of games.

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On Monday the company introduces two new handsets dubbed Kin 1 and 2. They run a distinct OS which is called by Microsoft as Windows Phone OS for Kin that is considered to be a derivative of Windows Phone OS 7.0.

As Kin is unable to download all apps it should not be regarded as a smartphone. But it is not just a handset that comes with texting. Moreover, it is able to share texts, video as well as other data within a circle of users provided in three interface capabilities known as Kin Studio, Kin Spot as well s Kin Loop.

Being between a smartphone as well as feature phone, it should be admitted that the Kin is a novel device, in this case, Microsoft can reap big rewards. But still a lot depends on the pricing.

Although the Kins are recognized as social networking and also maniacal texting habits of young generation, they are a bigger deal compared to Windows Phone OS 7. It is expected that the mobile OS will be released in different devices this fall.