Lucky for us there are many trained professionals who specialize in this particular area as there are so many eye diseases.

Sometimes these problems relating to eye occur due to eye strain or a person not taking proper care of his or her eye sight the way it is meant to be taken care of and there are even certain individuals who are genetically predisposed. Some of these eye diseases are curable while some are not as some can be stopped from advancing and some can even be totally reversed. If you are having any sort of problem relating to eye then the first thing you need to do is get you eyes examined and determine what sort if condition your eyes have and once you have determined that then you can take care of it accordingly.

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There are five eye diseases which are most common in effecting the eyes. The first one on them is known as Hyperopia which is more commonly termed as far sightedness. It is the kind of eye problem where the distant vision is clear but the eyes are unable to focus on close work. The major symptom of far sightedness is blurred vision when performing or dealing with close works like reading. Other symptoms of this eye disease include headache and eye strain. The eyeball in this case becomes shorter than it normally should be and therefore a deformation of the eye muscle takes place.

The second one of these major eye diseases is Myopia which is more commonly known as near sightedness. In this case the person is unable to see distant objects clearly and as a result different other problems arises because distortion of the eye ball takes place due to near sightedness and is exactly opposite to that of Hyperopia as the eyeballs lengthen more than they normally should. Cataract is the third one among these eye diseases and is usually considered to be related to aging as the eye becomes weaker with age and as a result naturally occurring proteins join together and make clumps which increase in size over time and begin to grow over the lens thus making the vision blurry.

Astigmatism is the fourth eye disease in which the cornea of a person ceases to be round in shape and becomes curved and as a result the vision is affected and it needs to be diagnosed by a specialist in order to be treated in the right manner. Glaucoma is the fifth one and is one of the most common eye diseases where a person loses peripheral vision due to damage of the optic nerves and it is also the main symptom of it. It is caused by the build up of fluid in the eye. It has the tendency to come on slowly thus a person does not realize that his vision is changing. So in order to protect ourselves from this disease one needs to get his eyes examined every two to three years so that it can be diagnosed even before symptoms of it occur.

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