There’s no doubt that successful MCSE certified people will be able to implement, design and ( Certifications administer infrastructures for Microsoft 2000 windows server based business solutions and also other window platforms. Of course, these also are the requirements of MCSE certification. The responsibilities on implementation includes configuring, installing as well as troubleshoot the network systems. These credentials also include active directory that help the organization to simplify the IT management, extended interoperability of software as well as systems, strengthening of security and also reduce costs. Here I will offer you some information for MCSE certification, such job roles, MCSE requirements, subjects and so on.
MSCSE certification requirements:


MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
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In order to obtain a MCSE certification, candidates has to pass in seven exams (in total). They can be taken in any order.
1) One exam will be on designing (choice basis)
2) Four subjects are mandatory/compulsory which is on networking systems

3) One exam will be from client operation system (choice basis)
4) One elective examination where the options will be announced once the candidate is ready for taking the examination
Job roles for MCSE certified people shall be as follows:
1) Network analyst
2) System analyst
3) Technical support engineer
4) Systems engineer
5) Technical consultant etc
Four subjects that are compulsory (networking systems):
1) Exam 70-291 or implementing, managing and maintaining ( enterprise administrator windows server 2003 network infrastructure
2) Exam 70-293 or planning and maintaining on windows server 2003 network infrastructure
3) Exam 70-290 or managing and maintaining windows server 2003 environment
4) Exam 70-294 or planning, implementing and maintaining on windows server 2003 active directory infrastructure
One exam on client operating system: (Any one from the following)
1) Exam 70-620 or configuration of windows vista client- this exam shall be applied either in elective or in client operating system. Not allowed in both cases

2) Exam 70-270 or configuration, installation and administering windows XP professional
3) Exam 70-210 or configuration, installation and administering windows 2000 professional- this exam have been retired. In case if it is already passed by the candidate, then it can be applied towards the certification.
I think it’s easy for you to understand what I post above, so just read it and prepare for your exams good enough to pass it.
Q. Am I a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) if I earn an MCITP certification?
A. Yes and no. The term MCP is used both as a general term for all Microsoft Certified Professionals and as the name of a credential. As an MCITP, you become part of the Microsoft Certified Professional community, with access to all related benefits, information, and activities. You do not earn a credential titled “MCP”. You should use the MCITP credential on your resume and in business collateral, which indicates your ( Certification specialty and shows that you are a member of the MCP community.