How does ESX Server 3.x differ from VMware Server 2?

A. ESX Server 3.x supports multiple processors in a virtual machine and VMware Server2 does
B. ESX Server 3.x supports Intranet and application servers in a production environmentand
VMware Server 2 does not.
C. ESX Server 3.x manages the virtualization server application remotely through aweb-based
interface and VMware Server 2 does not.
D. ESX Server 3.x supports virtual switches with VLAN capabilities and VMware Server2 does not.
E. ESX Server 3.x runs on top of Linux and VMware Server 2 does not.

Answer: D

VMware Server does not support VLAN

What are two reasons why IT department .com would choose to use VMware Server 2.x instead of
using ESX Server 3.x? Select two.

A. ESX Server 3.x does not support the storage hardware the company wants to use.
B. The company wants to utilize NIC teaming for network path failover and loadbalancing.
C. The company wants to virtualize a large number of physical machines running legacyoperating
systems in their datacenter.
D. VMware Server 2.x is a lower-cost solution for departmental virtualization projects.
E. vm Server 2.x allows users to run the same number of virtual machines per CPU coreas ESX
Server 3.x does a the same performance levels at a lower cost.

Answer: A,D


Which of the following most closely describes the purpose of ACE (the Assured Computing

A. ACE helps desktop managers provision secure, standardized PC environments through out the enterprise.
B. ACE enhances system security for ESX Server by providing firewall protection fo rboth virtual machines and the Service Console.
C. ACE enhances virtual infrastructure manageability by acting as a proxy between Virtual Center
and the ESX and VMware Server systems under management.
D. ACE enhances reliability of the virtual infrastructure by providing hardware redundancy for ESX Server.

Answer: A

All VMware virtualization products are based on the same underlying virtualization technology, but
there are some differences among these products. Which one of the following statements is true?

A. VMware Server and VMware Workstation both provide tools for remote managementof virtual machines.
B. Because it runs on the bare metal, ESX Server supports a narrower range of physicalhardware
than either Workstation or VMware Server.
C. ESX Server supports more types of guest operating system than Workstation orVmware Server.
D. Only ESX Server allows virtual machines to be configured with multiple virtualCPUs.

Answer: B

64-bit CPUs are supported for VMotion in VirtualCenter 2.5

A. only when migrating 32-bit Guest OSes.
B. when migrating either 32-bit or 64-bit Guest OSes, so long as the Nxflag is hidden.
C. when migrating either 32-bit or 64-bit Guest OSes, regardless of CPU compatibility
D. when migrating either 32-bit or 64-bit Guest OSes, so long as the VMware CPUCompatibility
Tool detects two compatible CPUs.

Answer: D

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