Test information:
Number of questions: 69
Time allowed in minutes: 150
Required passing score: 63%
Languages: English

The test contains seven sections, totaling 69 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 – Solution Planning and Design (9%)
Describe the client requirements (prerequisites)
Determine the solution components
Design solution architecture

Section 2 – System Preparation and Installation (17%)
Verify base system (HW prereqs, OS/SW prereqs, network, storage)
Show knowledge of IBM Content Collector Cluster
Verify ICC Service Account Permissions
Prepare and verify the Collection Sources
Prepare and verify the Repository
Prepare and verify the Repository
Install Content Search Service Support
Install Content Collector Text Search Support
Show knowledge of the ICC Web Application Server and its configuration
Show knowledge of Notes API installation

Section 3 – Initial Configuration and Configuration Manager (17%)
Understand Initial Configuration Tool and set-up tools
Configure collection source connectors (SMTP, File Source, Email systems, Sharepoint, etc)
Configure target repository connectors´┐Ż
Configure Web Service connector
Add Custom Metadata to a Text Search
Configure general settings (web services, archive data access, search, configuration for ICC client functions)
Configure Task Route Service

Section 4 – Email Clients (Domino) (15%)
Show an understanding of IBM Content Collector functions in IBM Notes and iNotes and how to enable them
Enable and test Domino Template for basic IBM Content Collector functions in IBM Notes and iNotes
Enable and test an Offine repository for offline users in IBM Notes
Install and test Content Collector Notes Extension for automatic document retrieval in IBM Notes
Install and test Content Collector Search plugin for unified search in IBM Notes
Show knowledge of uploading a local NSF file for archiving in IBM Notes

Section 5 – Task Route Design (13%)
Create task routes
Show understanding of scheduling of collectors and configuration of sources
Show understanding of different stubbing options
Show understanding of how to use decision point, rules, expression editor
Configure an audit task
Import and export task routes
Show an understanding of using the error task route

Section 6 – Administration and Execution (13%)
Show an understanding of ICC Windows services
Show knowledge of administering an ICC cluster
Show an understanding of Expiration Manager and Retention Manager
Configure and use logging in various components
Configure and schedule the CM indexer
Backup and restore the ICC Configuration Catalog´┐Ż

Section 7 – Monitoring and Troubleshooting (16%)
Monitor using blacklist, system dashboard, report viewer
Monitor using mailbox statistics task route
Configure and use performance counters
Monitor and troubleshoot P8 and CM indexing
Troubleshoot configuration web service, search and restore issues
Troubleshoot Task Route failures
Collect logs using must gather documents

IBM Certified Solution Designer – Content Collector V4.0 (IBM Domino)

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This intermediate level certified solution designer is an individual that has the required knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to design and implement IBM Content Collector based archiving and compliance solutions.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
Before preparing for this certification, basic understanding of the following is recommended and assumed for your environment:
– Working knowledge of IBM ECM repositories
– Knowledge of ICC capabilities, features and the ability to design and implement solutions
– Working knowledge of IBM Domino and SMTP email systems OR Working knowledge of Microsoft Exchange and SMTP email systems
– Working knowledge of IBM Connections
– Working knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint
– Working knowledge of supported File Systems


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