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VMware positions Java for the cloud

VMware positions Java for the cloud
EMC VMware on Tuesday is introducing its cloud computing platform for Java development, which relies on technologies from the company’s SpringSource division.

The VMware Cloud Application Platform leverages the popular Spring Framework for Java development and the newly branded vFabric product set, which features pre-existing SpringSource products offering capabilities such as data management, messaging, and dynamic load balancing. The 2.5 million users of Spring will be eyed as initial users of the platform.

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[ SpringSource introduced Spring 3.0 last year. | Keep up with app dev issues and trends with InfoWorld’s Fatal Exception blog and Developer World newsletter. ]

“At the end of the day, we feel we’re providing a very legitimate path to this cloud computing architecture of the future for Java,” said Shaun Connolly, EMC VMware’s vice president of products. Until now, there had not been a clear path to the cloud for Java developers, he said.

Applications on the VMware cloud platform can share information with underlying infrastructure to boost software performance, quality of service, and infrastructure utilization, according to VMware. Users can deploy vFabric inside a data center or within public clouds such as VMforce. Also, vFabric can be deployed at a VMware vCloud service provider such as Savvis.

VMware anticipates its Java cloud platform being used for deployment of rich Web applications or for application integration.

Components of vFabric include the following technologies:

* tc server, an enterprise version of the Apache Tomcat Java server
* GemFire data management software
* RabbitMQ messaging server, for communicating between applications inside and outside the data center
* ERS (Enterprise Ready Server), which is an enterprise version of the Apache Web server featurjng dynamic load balancing
* Hyperic, for application performance management

“The benefits of our VMware vFabric is these are very lightweight components,” Connolly said. “At the end of the day, developers want a nice elastic fabric and that’s why we chose the name vFabric,” he said. VMware’s Java cloud platform is akin to Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform for Microsoft-based developers, Connolly said.

VMware’s cloud platform is aimed at the private cloud market, said analyst Karin Kelley, of the 451 Group. “They’re basically building up their middleware stack to support the enterprise private cloud for Java apps and they’re really targeting the private cloud market,” she said.

VMware VFabric can run on top of the company’s vSphere virtualization technology, which supplies automated provisioning and configuring, Connolly said. RabbitMQ, Hyperic, and GemFire technologies were gained through acquisitions. SpringSource itself was acquired by EMC VMware last year.

Spring and VMware Application Platform Services are available for download. VMware anticipates selling vFabric-based services, with prices beginning at $500 per CPU.

VMware will roll out VMware Cloud Application Platform at the VMworld conference in San Francisco.

It’s All About the Top Line

It’s All About the Top Line
Bravo! Over the past 18 to 24 months, CIOs from around the globe have done an amazing job of optimizing, consolidating and standardizing IT operations. You’ve accelerated business priorities and driven organizational efficiency to new heights. Against the backdrop of the Great Recession, we’ve seen CIOs from a diverse mix of companies (such as Alcoa, GM and the New York Times) stepping up to deliver.

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In the history of the CIO position-more than two decades-I cannot think of a more challenging stretch than 2008-2009. I’ve been impressed by all the CIOs who transformed their businesses and their roles within the organization. I hope everyone took a deep breath in the last few months, because the next wave is headed your way.
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The story now is about revenue growth. What CEOs want most today is new revenue flowing to the top line. Of course, this won’t be news to our readers. You’ve soldiered through consolidation and standardization not just to cut costs, but also to prepare your companies for the eventual market comeback.

In the past few months especially, it’s been fascinating to watch Wall Street react to earnings reports that showed strong profit numbers but weak revenue growth. Stock prices soared or plummeted with the market’s reaction to news on revenues. Microsoft issued tremendous profit numbers but its stock dropped over concerns about future growth. Contrast that with the Apple of Wall Street’s eye, which continues to drive incredible profits while stacking up massive revenue gains.

More and more of the CEOs I talk with repeat this mantra: “It’s all about revenue growth!” Yet many of those same CEOs aren’t convinced that the CIOs who were great at cutting costs will be the right leaders to help flip the switch to making money again. We know from our research and in-depth discussions within the CIO Executive Council that your biggest skill-set challenges will show up in three areas: customer understanding, market knowledge, and your ability to effectively communicate. When it’s time to rev up the revenue, those are core competencies that CEOs expect to find in all their senior leaders.

So it’s time for CIOs to prove once again how nimble their business skill sets have become. This is your moment to show the organization what those hard-won strategic skills can really do for top-line growth. Game on!

Business Success With Software Outsourcing Services!

Business Success With Software Outsourcing Services!
The software industry is developing at a rapid pace and companies are increasingly feeling the need to hire qualified professionals who can offer them the requisite support. The option of software outsourcing firms is gaining huge popularity to help satiate large establishments and their rising software related requirements. Not just big businesses, even small businesses can benefit from the assistance of outsourced software services to cut costs. In fact outsourcing software requirements to establishments effectively monetizes spending of business players.

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Consider this, 40% of the Fortune 500 companies including Motorola, Microsoft, GE, Oracle, Lucent are taking advantage of outsourcing today and the list of companies is steadily growing, with software outsourcing being the lead area. The objective for this move is to ensure maximum ROI while reducing costs and an effort to ensure that the company remains a leading player in the industry.  Companies stand to save anywhere between 40%-70% by adopting offshore software outsourcing.

However, software outsourcing requires proper synchronization between teams to help the company attain its goals. Every year an increasing number of software engineers emerge from Indian universities. Knowledge of English and a tendency to update their knowledge according to requirements makes Indians a popular option for foreign companies to hire them for software projects, as and when required.

Employees of software outsourcing firms benefit from special tax benefits and even the ability to switch jobs according to the pay offered and convenience. However, employees shifting to jobs which offer greater remuneration might not work well for the employers of software outsourcing services. For the software engineer, the fear of a project closure would result in serious health problems and even monetary woes. Time difference between countries could also spell problems for companies opting to outsource software services.

In today’s scenario most businesses have technology in their hands, require delivery in possible least time, less skilled personnel available, discrete communication and inefficient management of various modules within a large enterprise – it appears that outsourcing software services is surely a safe bet in these circumstances.

Offshore software outsourcing can be difficult to implement, controversial and confusing. There is no dearth of information resources available online to help you choose the ideal outsourced software consultancy for your needs.   For enthusiastic individuals who want to set up a software outsourcing consultancy at home, remember, you need to have the ability and time to manage the product requirements of a large or small establishment. You need to understand the premise of the project before you undertake it and cater to the changing demands and requirements of the market.

Conclusion: Today it is easy to find a software outsourcing company which specializes in providing staffing solutions, website design and development, developing custom software applications and implementing outstanding e-commerce and CMS solutions. TLI Software is one such software outsourcing company in India. Read more about TLI software and avail all the benefits of software

Buying Symantec Retail Software

Buying Symantec Retail Software
There is a Symantec retail software program for you. If you are aiming to secure and purchase the best products from the lineup of the computer security firm Symantec Corporation, do not fret because you have more than one reason that you could choose and purchase software.

Symantec Corp. is an international business that is specializing in developing and selling computer software. Particularly, the company is focused at bringing to the market the best anti-virus and security programs for consumers’ computer system. Symantec is one of the pioneers when it comes to developing and offering security software. That is why you can be rest assured that the Symantec retail software you are eyeing to buy would be truly functional and effective. There is no doubt that Symantec retail software has what it takes to captivate and satisfy the market.

Symantec products

If you have been using the computer for quite some time, you should know that computer viruses have evolved to strategically alter and affect your personal computer. Every year, it is estimated that there are thousands of new computer viruses and threats that are written and spread across the market, especially through the Internet. But you should not worry. As long as there are numerous Symantec retail software in the market, you can be assured that your needs and requirements are all appropriately covered.

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Currently, there are many products lined up under the Symantec retail software portfolio. Some of them have been quite popular for some time already while others are starting to create their niche and marks in the industry. You may be familiar with some, but you also must be exposed to the usefulness of other Symantec retail software.

Among the most popular and sought-after Symantec retail software are the Norton AntiVirus, the Norton Internet Security, the Norton SystemWorks, the Norton Commander, the Norton 360 and the Norton Personal Firewall. Other popular programs are the Norton AntiSpam, the Norton Antibot, the Norton Ghost and the Norton GoBack. Some of these Symantec retail software may already be familiar because you may have used them.

Why retail?

It is not surprising anymore that there are Symantec retail software computer programs these days that are also sold individually as retail products. That is because, as always, selling on the retail is quite lucrative and convenient. Symantec retail software is among the most sought-after computer programs in the market. Symantec notes that selling on the retail is the main bulk of its operations.

As compared to wholesale selling, Symantec retail software makes more money as sales are boosted. Most of Symantec users are individual personal computer users, so expect that purchase transactions are higher when it comes to Symantec retail software.

Where to buy

If you are aiming to purchase a Symantec retail software program, you can be assured the transaction could be done easily. If you are really into buying and installing any Symantec program into your computer, try to look for an online site that is accredited and authorized to do so. Such Websites are abounding in the market so you should not have any setback and problems in buying Symantec retail software.

Symantec itself is at time selling its Symantec retail software portfolio directly. It would not hurt if you would try looking at product lineups at the company’s own official Website. Transactions online usually require electronic payment processing, so prepare your globally functional credit card account.

As for conventional transactions, Symantec retail software is also available in the software distributors that actively operate in your community. There is really no excuse for you not to buy any Symantec retail software.

Free Computer Help And Information Technology Certification Training

Free Computer Help And Information Technology Certification Training

The computer industry of information technology is possibly one of the most lucrative careers to embark on. You will find free help with hardware, operating systems and certifications as well as paid professional education. There are tons of employment opportunities both domestic and international. If you have exceptional skills with computers, then you win a high salary, and opportunities increase compared with your peers. That’s because you have a unique set of skills that are transferable across sectors. It is difficult for firms to find someone else to replace them as a good team of employees who hold a certificate.

The benefit of free computer help verses paid are few when there are tons of people who are also trying to break into the IT field. Separate those who are serious from those who are just looking for temporary work, organizations begin to look for people with a information technology certification. This is the only way to separate the work of independent professionals.

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This is good news for those who are good at what they do. The condition for obtaining a certificate will only be a temporary obstacle. If you have good preparation, you can easily obtain a proper certificate and the conditions for their ideal job. You will find many free programs, online computer training, as well as paid. Find recent articles that help for latest news on information technology for all appropriate certifications. Practice exam questions and study guides are online and by mail, with some fees and some free.

In today’s market there are many different types of IT certification courses available. Particular type of course you take will depend on the training field you want to work. For example, if you want to be the coordinator for Microsoft Networks, Microsoft must acknowledge you. Of course, the more education you have and certifications, the higher its value to society. This will give the right signal about what you really want to accomplish.

If you are just beginning, try to focus on one particular area. Be specific as you can. Using the same example, if you are going collaboration with Microsoft to make sure that you can learn everything about Microsoft users, networks, programming languages, etc. before you move to other areas. This can probably take only a few years and depending on how much you are an expert in this field.

Furthermore, the above knowledge is rapidly changing the trend. So you may be able to achieve if you try to focus on other areas. Move to other fields, such as Linux and servers because they are very reliable systems which are currently being used. Free online certification training can help you power to start and then move into an IT training pay course.

Also, the market is constantly evolving, it is very important for IT professionals to stay in touch with the latest news and information. The technology you learn today may be obsolete tomorrow. Do not get surprised when something new arises. You can easily find a computer analysis report that it is better quality on the Internet. New data will help you decide the best certification recommended. You don’t want to be with regard to computer courses that are outdated.

Finally, even with the correct certification, you may still face difficulty landing a job. That’s because you have rivalry with other more experience than you. Begin with free information technology certification training and then look for professional computer services to get some experience and help in this field.

Online Microsoft .NET 2.0 App Development MCTS 70-536 Course For Individuals and Employees

Online Microsoft .NET 2.0 App Development MCTS 70-536 Course For Individuals and Employees

Microsoft .NET 2.0 App Development MCTS 70-536 Training Course Tutorial

Microsoft .NET 2.0 App Development MCTS 70-536 online training course – computer training online courses learn tutorials from your computer at your own pace

Microsoft .NET 2.0 App Development MCTS 70-536 Online Training Course Include:

* Visual Basic Practice Exam 1
* Visual Basic Practice Exam 2
* Visual Basic Practice Exam 3
* C# Practice Exam 1
* C# Practice Exam 2
* C# Practice Exam 3
* Using System Types and Collections
* Implementing Service Processes, Threading, and Application Domains
* Embedding Configuration, Diagnostic, Management, and Installation Features
* Implementing Serialization and I/O Functionality
* Securing Applications with .NET Framework 2.0 Security Features
* Implementing Interoperability, Reflection, and Mailing Functionality
* Implementing Globalization, Drawing, and Text Manipulation Functionality
* Estimated time needed to complete entire course

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What You will Learn
The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation test is a required exam for the three Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0 certifications. This study guide will prepare you to demonstrate your ability to build applications in .NET 2.0 through the use of Visual Basic code examples. You’ll then take the test 70-528, 70-526, or 70-529 to complete your certification as a Web, Windows, or Distributed Applications (respectively) specialist.

The tests that this series prepares students to take are a part of earning the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Applications, and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): .NET Framework 2.0 Distributed Applications certifications.

> Order online and then check your email to find your receipt and user ID, so you can login to learn anytime.
> Take the courses as many times as you want.
> Login to learn anytime, anywhere.
> You control the pace.
> Start and stop whenever you want.

> No books or software needed – Just a windows PC with Internet Explorer.
> Print certificates of completion, with your name on them – great for resumes.
> Learn what you need to know to pass certification exams.
> Company managers can view progress reports for employees.
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Microsoft flaunts customer dumping VMware

Microsoft flaunts customer dumping VMware

Microsoft is still refusing to showcase Hyper-V at VMworld in protest of VMware rules that Microsoft believes are designed to limit competition, but that doesn’t mean the Microsoft hype machine will abstain from anti-VMware marketing.

In advance of next week’s VMworld, Microsoft is touting a customer that is implementing a long-term plan to replace VMware with Microsoft and claims the move will provide savings of $3.2 million in the next three to five years. The customer, CH2M Hill, is ranked just outside the Fortune 500 at No. 520 and has corporate headquarters in Colorado.

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Microsoft vs. VMware: Who’s better at disaster recovery?

VMware doesn’t deny that the price of its virtualization software is higher than the competition’s. But VMware has long argued that vSphere, its primary virtualization platform, and the related management tools are so efficient that the total cost of ownership is actually the best in the industry when measured on a per-virtual machine basis.

It is becoming harder for VMware to make that argument as competitors Citrix and Microsoft are acknowledged by analysts to be closing much of the gap in features and functionality.

VMware notes that every company in the Fortune 100 uses VMware, but the growing viability of alternative platforms has made it easier for customers to choose less expensive virtualization software. In many cases, they only do this for a subset of their virtualization deployment, and leave their most important virtualized applications on VMware-based hosts. That is precisely why Microsoft is touting the CH2M Hill story — the customer is planning to dump VMware entirely.

“We’re not seeing a problem putting anything we have on ESX into our Hyper-V deployment,” CH2M Hill’s Greg Barton, a senior analyst in charge of the company’s virtualization project, says in an interview with Network World. Especially with new Hyper-V memory oversubscription features CH2M Hill is testing, Barton says “we’re not seeing a huge difference in either product.”

But CH2M Hill’s move from Hyper-V to VMware is not exactly as cut and dry as Microsoft’s public relations department would like.

Because of existing software licenses and maintenance contracts with VMware, and CH2M Hill’s strategy to lease servers on a 3- to 4-year basis, Hill says the plan to switch from VMware to Hyper-V will take between three and five years.

“We have an investment with ESX. We’re not going to just dump it right now. But we’re going to augment and eventually move toward Hyper-V,” with the end goal of getting rid of VMware entirely, Barton says. The main driver is cost: “This last couple of years haven’t been great for the IT budget,” he says.

Naturally, the project’s extended time span could let CH2M Hill officials change their minds and scale back their Hyper-V plans. But Hill says VMware would have to make a pretty “compelling” move to make up for the difference in price, now that “the [Hyper-V] functionality is on par.” Hyper-V is available either as a free stand-alone product or as part of Windows Server 2008 R2.

CH2M Hill used VMware to set up 350 virtual machines in its corporate data center on about a dozen physical Dell servers, and deployed another 100 VMware virtual machines in regional offices.
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The Hyper-V deployment is limited to just six physical boxes so far but Barton says they’ll expand that within the data center and deploy Hyper-V clusters in as many as 40 branch offices across the country.

Barton acknowledges that the Hyper-V deployment is fairly limited at the moment, but says the project will produce significant savings as CH2M Hill rolls virtualization out to the regional offices, which would have been more expensive with VMware.

“We’re right in the beginning of it,” he says.

CH2M Hill and Microsoft estimate that the customer will save $280,000 by avoiding further VMware licensing fees.

“Plus, we can now afford to tackle our 600 field servers and are aiming to virtualize 20 percent of these computers each year,” Barton is quoted as saying in the Microsoft press release. “At $5,000 a server, that’s a savings of $3 million over the next three to five years.”

Barton expects management to be simplified by switching from VMware to Microsoft because CH2M Hill was already a Microsoft shop.

“The folks out in the field, they’re all used to the look and feel of a Microsoft server,” Barton said in his interview with Network World. “It’s easier for them to get up to speed,” and easier to set up a Hyper-V cluster from scratch.
Applications slated to be placed in Hyper-V hosts include SharePoint, databases running SQL Server 2008, and Exchange Server 2010.

“It has to be a very needy machine to not go into virtualization at all,” Barton says.

Barton won’t be making the trip to VMworld in San Francisco, but Microsoft executives will be there in hopes of convincing more VMware customers to switch vendors.

Microsoft pitches Script Junkie site for “Serious Web development”

Microsoft pitches Script Junkie site for “Serious Web development”
Microsoft with its Script Junkie Web site seeks to enable developers to better navigate Web technologies such as HTML, JavaSCript, and CSS, a Microsoft official said in a blog on Thursday evening.

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Script Junkie is Microsoft’s newest developer hub on MSDN, said S. Somasegar, senior vice president of the Microsoft  Developer Division. Billed as a site for “Serious Web development,” it is intended to serve as a resource for the latest in Web development techniques, providing solutions-based articles from JavaScript luminaries such as Christian Heilman.
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[ Also on Microsoft is seeking to expand use of its Security Development Lifecycle guidelines. | Discover what’s new in business applications with InfoWorld’s Technology: Applications newsletter.]

“MSDN’s goal has always been to help the developer get their job done more efficiently, and Script Junkie brings that assistance to Web-based coding,” Somasegar said. “Script Junkie is the start of a new generation of centers on MSDN focused on offering the best of Microsoft and non-Microsoft resources to address real-life and practical end-to-end developer scenarios.”

The site also features a forum for readers to participate.

Somasegar recalled that earlier this year, he cited “The Web as a Platform” as one of several key software development trends.

“Browser-based applications such as Mugtug show the increasing flexibility and power of Web technologies.  New and experienced developers alike are anxious to learn everything they can about how to take advantage of the Web to deliver experiences to their

Windows and Linux servers grow at Unix expense

Windows and Linux servers grow at Unix expense
Demand for Windows and Linux servers is increasing at a rapid pace, at the expense of Unix servers and other non-x86 machines, according to IDC.

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“Microsoft Windows server demand was positively impacted [in Q2 2010] by the accelerating x86 server market, as hardware revenue increased 6.7% and unit shipments increased 28.2% year over year,” IDC says.
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Microsoft: ‘We love open source’

Windows-based servers raked in $5 billion in quarterly revenue, representing 46.5% of worldwide server factory revenue.
But there was room for both Windows and its rival Linux to be declared winners in the second quarter.

Linux-based server revenue grew 30.1% to $1.8 billion year-over-year. “Linux servers now represent 16.8% of all server revenue, up 2.5 points over 2Q09,” IDC says.

Overall, server sales posted their biggest jump since 2003, with an 11% increase in revenue and a 24% increase in server unit shipments.

The demand is mainly being driven by x86 systems. “IDC expects the recovery to extend to Unix and mainframe platforms in the second half of 2010,” the research firm says. But in the second quarter, Unix server revenue declined 7.3% year-over-year “as customers waited for details about the IBM Power Systems servers.”

The total market for non-x86 servers declined 16% to $3.9 billion in quarterly revenue.

Among systems vendors, HP led the way with $3.5 billion in revenue, followed by IBM with $3.2 billion and Dell at $1.7 billion.

Report: Sun, Microsoft and Mozilla leave the most vulnerabilities unpatched

Report: Sun, Microsoft and Mozilla leave the most vulnerabilities unpatched
SUN is the king of unpatched software vulnerabilities followed closely by Microsoft and Mozilla, according to the mid-year security report by IBM’s X-Force.

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What would your ultimate network security look like?
Industry wide , on average 55% of software vulnerabilities that were disclosed by vendors went unpatched by those vendors, the IBM study says. That number crept up from last year’s average of 52%.
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The study lists the 10 vendors with the most disclosed vulnerabilities in the first half of 2010 and ranks them according to what percentage they leave unpatched. The ranking and the percentages are: Sun, 24%; Microsoft, 23.2%; Mozilla, 21.3%; Apple, 12.9%; IBM, 10.3%; Google, 8.6%; Linux, 8.2%; Oracle, 6.8%; Cisco, 6%; Adobe, 2.9%.

But the unpatched percentage for those companies that disclosed the most vulnerabilities seems to have spiked. Last year Microsoft was No. 1 in the percentage of unpatched vulnerabilities at 15.8% for the whole year. This year’s leader so far, Sun, weighs in at 24% for the first half, the report says.

The report notes that numbers for the entire 2010 calendar year may result in a smaller increase. “Time will tell,” it says. Web application vulnerabilities account for more than half of all vulnerabilities, the report says.

Challenges facing vendors have also increased, making patching more difficult. They are dealing with a 36% increase in the number of vulnerabilities vs. those reported for the first half of 2009, the report says. That’s a jump from 12,211 to 16,607 vulnerabilities.

Perhaps more worrisome is that the number of actual exploits has been increasing each year and the jump from 2009 to 2010 is trending toward being about 60% this year, the study says.

The report also says that as of June, spam is at an all time high, although it didn’t quantify that. Phishing is relatively low on a par with last year but is poised to take an enormous spike in August, September and October if it follows trends established in 2008 an 2009.

In an update on Conficker, IBM says that an update allows the botnet code to update based on encrypted peer-to-peer connections, making it impossible to block domains as a means to block updates. The new variant called Conficker.C lacked propagation code, so it could not be further spread by machines that became infected, IBM says.


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