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Your server or servers are running out of storage space! What should you do?

So let’s say you’ve decided to take your business seriously and spend the money needed for a quality server. You may be using a file server to share files and printers or you may use it to run Microsoft Exchange for shared calendars or for email, host a database for your company or a CRM – Customer Relationship Management application. Perhaps you have two or three servers running a combination of these and each has its own backup system and each should.

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What is likely to happen over time?

Storage inefficiency – You may find that one server, perhaps your file server, is constantly running out of storage space, while another server always seems to have too much storage space to spare, but no easy way to share it. This is a very inefficient scenario and the biggest reason why DAS solution is ultimately inefficient for growing small businesses.

Management headaches – Most DAS solutions have their own proprietary management software and interfaces and are not easy to manage remotely. You may find yourself with multiple different DAS solutions, each with its own management quirks and annoyances.

Consolidate Your Data

As with PCs, the answer to server overload is to consolidate your storage, unchain it from the server, and place it on the network where it can be shared among multiple servers and PCs. Why?

It’s efficient – You get a shared pool of networked storage that you can slice, dice, and allocate to users, applications, and servers at will. No more overloaded servers sitting next to servers with storage to spare.

It’s easy to upgrade -You no longer have to shut down your server and its applications to upgrade your storage. You can add storage to the network and make it instantly available without affecting your applications.

When it’s time to upgrade your servers, it’s no longer necessary to throw out the storage with the server or spend the time to migrate data to another server. You simply connect the new server to the network and configure it for access to your network storage. Now this isn’t always the case depending on what your server is hosting but more often than not this is a good solution to many small and medium sized businesses.

It’s cost effective – Storage makes up a significant portion of your server’s price and internal space. Separate storage on the network and you can spend fewer dollars on servers or buy more server performance and reliability for your dollar. You can also pack more servers into a smaller space, if that’s what you need to do, taking advantage of compact rack mount servers or even blade servers but don’t forget to keep your server closet or room COOL with Air Conditioning.

You have two choices for network storage: a SAN and a NAS.


Storage Area Networks (SANs) separate storage from your servers and put it on its own specialized high-performance storage network where it can be pooled and allocated to servers and applications. When a server runs out of storage, you simply allocate more storage from the SAN, rather than taking down the server to add physical storage.


Nothing beats the simplicity of NAS for fulfilling the needs of a typical small business. A NAS device sits directly on the network and, like a server, serves up files, not storage blocks. There are many advantages to NAS as a small business storage solution.

Independence – NAS devices can sit anywhere on the network, completely independent of servers, serving up files to any network connected PC’s or servers. If a server or PC goes down, the NAS is still functional. If power goes down, there’s no need for complex reconfiguration. With its simplicity, a NAS can be up and running again in minutes.

Ease of Use – NAS devices typically come as preconfigured turnkey solutions. There’s no need to install a host adapter or complex server operating system. You simply plug the NAS into the network and do some very light configuration, usually with a Web browser, and your NAS is up and running and accessible to your PCs.

Easy Upgrades – T o get more storage with NAS you simply plug in another NAS device and you’re up and running with additional file storage in minutes.

Flexibility – Today some NAS solutions also come with some built-in iSCSI capability, which can provide fast block-based storage to performance-hungry server applications that need it, while still allowing you to share and print files. In some cases you don’t even need a switch or special host adapter. You simply plug your server directly into the iSCSI port on the NAS. So you get the best of both worlds in a single easy to use and configure device.

What is a Microsoft Small Business Server? and do you need one for your organization?

What is a Microsoft Small Business Server?
What is the difference between a Small Business Server and a single role server?

Here is a simple non technical explanation of what a Microsoft Small Business Server is and is not.

After reading this article you will have a better understanding so lets get started.

Larger companies such as fortune 500 or fortune 100 companies have many servers that do different things.

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Examples are:

* Multiple Domain controllers / file servers
* Multiple SQL / database servers
* Multiple Exchange servers
* Multiple web servers
* Multiple DHCP servers
* and so forth…

Let’s pretend that “some big company” has 40 servers and each server has its own role to do something specific for the computer network. In theory this would mean that this company has 40 separate physical servers setup in a room to control the computers for this company. In today’s world this would be consolidated using server virtualization but that is getting off topic so I’m not going to get into that in this article.

Now let’s pretend you are a small business owner and you need a file server + a SQL database server + an exchange server. Ok so this means you would need 3 physical servers + 3 different server operating system licenses and many of other things and this can get expensive quickly not to mention an experienced network administrator to design, configure, deploy, test and manage this for you.

Now with a Microsoft Small Business Server Operating System you get 1 physical server that has multiple server roles built into 1 nice neat package. So you can have that file server and that database server and an exchange server and that web server all combined into 1 neat little package. This can save the small business owner money IF the server is properly configured and maintained.

Microsoft states the SBS – small business server will support up to 75 computer users / workstation computers. In theory this will work but in the real world if you have 75 computers connected to a SBS server you can expect very poor performance.

From my experience I will say that Microsoft SBS servers are pretty cool IF they are properly configured with the right hardware and software. I have seen many small businesses have an SBS server that were NEVER configured correctly or are just being used as a simple file server. In such a case the SBS server isn’t necessary and is a waste of money for the business owner.

So without getting into technical details this concludes what a Microsoft Small Business Server does.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new server for your business get to know an Orlando computer consultant and find out if a Microsoft Small Business Server will benefit your organization.

Why Voice Over Internet Phone Service Is A Better Option

Phone services used to be fairly cut and dry, especially considering that there was only one type. These days however you have a number of different types. In addition to land lines you have cellular phones and now a Voice Over Internet Phone service. It is clear that the land line is losing it’s usefulness, but you might be wondering what qualities a Voice Over Internet Phone service has over the landline or even the cellular phone. There are a few things to take into account depending on whether or not you are running a business or simply talking from home.

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The first thing you need to understand is that Voice Over Internet Phone service is just that: an Internet Phone. It is an internet phone service that works over the internet rather than through a standard phone line, and with that being the case there are a few things you will need to understand before you commit to purchasing a Voice Over Internet Phone Service.

One of the biggest problems with some of the Voice Over Internet phone service is that the phones that are used work with the Internet connection you’re using. If you use the Internet regularly, you may discover that you’re connection is slow or cannot be maintained. This problem is completely fixable.

If you’d like to use a Voice Over Internet Phone service, but want to avoid these issues you should try to get a separate Internet phone connection. There are numerous companies that provide this kind of service. These companies provide standalone phones that take full advantage of Voice Over Internet Phone service technology that is especially useful for businesses.

However, if you’re not running a business there are other ways that you might be able to benefit from a Voice Over Internet Phone Service. For example, there are several service providers that allow a separate line for Internet phone service. There are even services that provide phone jacks for your computer. While there may seem to be some limitations, you still need to consider the long distance charges.

With a Voice Over Internet phone service you won’t be charged for long distance calls that are made within the country. Of course, you’ll be charged for international calls, but you can see that Voice Over Internet phone service is the way to go if you’re looking for efficient communications. Many consumers are not aware that Voice Over Internet phone service is more secure than a regular landline. Since you are using the Internet, you can set up a firewall to keep intruders from listening to your conversations. This is something you won’t find in the world of landlines.

It should be obvious by now that you should look into the many benefits of Voice Over Internet phone service, especially if you want to enter the future world of telecommunications. Soon you will be able to see the many benefits of this service for your business.

Insights On MCTS Networking Interactive Certification Training

Because you’re looking at information about MCTS training programs, you’ll probably be in one of these categories: You might be wondering about a complete career change to the IT sector, and your research tells you there’s a massive need for people with the right qualifications. Alternatively you could already be in IT – and you need to formalise your skill-set with the MCTS accreditation.

As you find out about , ensure that you don’t use those that compromise their offerings by failing to provide the latest version from Microsoft. This is a false economy for the trainee as they will have been learning from an out-of-date syllabus which isn’t in line with the present exams, so they’ll probably fail.

Watch out for computer training companies that are just trying to sell you something. You should know that purchasing a course to qualify for an MCTS is like buying a car. They vary hugely; some will be fantastic, whilst others will probably break down on route. A conscientious organisation will give you a thorough consultation to ensure you’re on the right course. With those who have confidence in their programs, you will be able to look at examples of training materials prior to the sale.

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One crafty way that training companies make extra profits is by charging for exams up-front and presenting it as a guarantee for your exams. It looks impressive, but is it really:

Of course it isn’t free – you’re still paying for it – the cost has just been rolled into the whole training package.

If you want to pass in one, you must pay for each exam as you go, prioritise it appropriately and give the task sufficient application.

Why should you pay the training course provider up-front for examination fees? Find the best deal you can at the appropriate time, instead of paying any mark-up – and do it locally – rather than possibly hours away from your area.

Big margins are netted by some training companies who get money upfront for exam fees. For various reasons, many students don’t take their exams but no refunds are given. Believe it or not, there are providers who depend on students not taking their exams – as that’s how they make a lot of their profit.

Pay heed to the fact that, in the majority of cases of ‘exam guarantees’ – you are not in control of when you can do your re-takes. Subsequent exam attempts are only authorised at the company’s say so.

Paying maybe a thousand pounds extra on ‘Exam Guarantees’ is foolish – when hard work, commitment and the right preparation via exam simulations is what will get you through.

If your advisor doesn’t ask you a lot of questions – it’s likely they’re really a salesperson. If they push a particular product before getting to know your background and current experience level, then it’s very likely to be the case.

Of course, if you have some relevant qualifications that are related, then you may be able to begin at a different level to a trainee with no history to speak of.

Working through a user skills course first may be the ideal way to commence your IT program, depending on your current skill level.

Many companies only concern themselves with gaining a certificate, and forget why you’re doing this – which is a commercial career or job. You should always begin with the end goal – don’t make the vehicle more important than the destination.

Don’t let yourself become one of the unfortunate masses who select a program that on the surface appears interesting – and end up with a plaque on the wall for a job they hate.

Stay focused on what you want to achieve, and formulate your training based on that – don’t do it back-to-front. Stay focused on the end-goal and begin studying for a career that’ll reward you for many long and fruitful years.

It’s worth seeking guidance from a professional that understands the industry you’ve chosen, and is able to give you ‘A typical day in the life of’ outline of what you actually do on the job. These things are very important because you need to know whether or not you’ve chosen correctly.

Your training program should always include the latest Microsoft (or relevant organisation’s) accredited exam simulation and preparation packages.

Because the majority of IT examination boards are from the USA, it’s essential to understand how exam questions will be phrased and formatted. It isn’t good enough just understanding random questions – they must be in an exam format that exactly replicates the real thing.

Simulations and practice exams are enormously valuable for confidence building – so when it comes to taking the proper exam, you will be much more relaxed.

Emerging Trends Of Computer Education In UK!

It’s a computer world today. Whether it’s for professional or personal purposes, computers have become an important part of our lives. However, excellence in computer science and application is achieved after great efforts. Computer training or IT education in UK requires a meticulous training process during which a particular individual is trained and prepared to become a ready part of an industry.

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Computer courses for IT education in UK are generally divided as:
Software courses
Networking and hardware courses
Database courses
Soft skills and other courses

Software courses include C++, JAVA, .NET, Oracle etc. Networking and hardware programme courses include HCE, HCNE, HCSA, HCSP, HCTS etc. Database courses comprise of Oracle 10g 2005, SQL Server 2008 etc. Soft skills and other courses comprise of Smart kidz, short-term courses in computer application etc.

Let us thoroughly discuss about networking and hardware programme in this article.

Networking and hardware programme

The role of an IT professional is not restricted to a single technology; an IT professional should be an all-rounder in every computer technology or technique. Industry requires professionals who have all-round knowledge in computer. Networking and hardware programsin UK is in huge demand as they provide a promising field for IT professionals. Jobs in networking and hardware programs also offer attractive salaries.

Course content of networking and hardware programs in UK include:

Advanced Networking and security
Basic hardware and server technology
System Engineering on Microsoft technologies
Networking technology and devices
Linux Administration & security
Notebook Technology
Wireless Network Administration

Post course completion of hardware and network programme, the trainee is ready to start working as:

Network technician
System executive
Network Administrator
Support engineer
Network Security Specialist
Storage Specialist
Junior Network Analyst

Additional features of IT education in UK include prometric exam center, MCTS certifications, institutional alliances facilities etc.

Prometric Exam Center

IT candidates take exams like Sun, Microsoft, (SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCEA and SCJA) etc at a particular authorized prometric exam center. A well-organized prometric exam center provides well-equipped lab systems and cool ‘distraction free’ testing environment which provide candidates the best place to write online exams.


Course for (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) MCTS in UK is provided in elite IT institutes. The benefits of MCTS in UK are manifold. MCTS certifications are specially designed to suit the relevant IT skills of trainees on the features and functionality of key technologies. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification also benefits IT students with access to MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) resources and benefits.

Institutional Alliances- A plus benefit for IT institutes

Institutional Alliances bring people and programs together. Some striking benefits of institutional alliances include:

Assists faculty development program for partner institute or college
Through institutional alliances there will be well-manoeuvred  utilization of institutional infrastructure
Placement assistance programs boost institute’s reputation

Cutting-edge technology, experienced and certified faculties, world-class infrastructure etc are other factors which accredit an IT training center as a reputed institute in the market.

Understand the exam 70-297

Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and network infrastructure is known as the review 70-297, which is designed for professionals who want to be certified in their jurisdiction. It was first published in October 21 May 2003. This review is in four languages including English, French, German and Japanese.

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Like all other exams, you are eligible as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) once you pass the Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure examination. He also recognized that the basic credit for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) on Windows Server 2003 certification.

In this test, you will evaluated according to the following criteria:

* Creation of a conceptual collection and analysis of operational and technical requirements
* Creation of a logical Active Directory Infrastructure
* Creating the Logical Design of an infrastructure of network services
* Creating the physical design of an active Directory and Network Infrastructure

Here are some tips so you’re ready for the exam 70-297.

1. Classroom Training

Classroom training is available for review is 2282A: Designing a Microsoft ® Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure and Active Directory ®. training class is important because you will receive coaching face-to-face with a computer expert.

2. Microsoft E-Learning

As this review, there will be a Microsoft E-Learning and helps give you ideas in the design of Active Directory and Network Infrastructure Microsoft Windows Server 2003. The code for this Microsoft E-learning is 2282AE: Designing a Microsoft ® Windows ® Server 2003 Network Infrastructure and Active Directory ®.

3. Study Guides

In addition, you can always get a set of training kit for this exam. It shows you the steps to prepare for this exam since the first day and walks you chapter by chapter. With this kit to study, you will be able to manage your time wisely and check your progress from time to time.

About the Author

At the end, I’ll recommend you to prepare yourself using Testking 70-297 exam pdf guide OR Microsoft 70-297 exam with selftest engine software training tool developed by Exams Expert with money back guarantee incase you fail in exam.

Microsoft Certification Exam discounts (New Zealand only)

Are you on the Microsoft Certification path? I will help you get some discounts then. You need only to visit the Microsoft Learning special site and request a voucher by entering a special MVP Certification.

This code will give you a 10% discount voucher and free retake if needed to.

Note this is valid for exams taken in New Zealand only by 31st May 2009, and valid for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) exams.

What are you waiting for?
Thanks to the Microsoft MVP Program for arranging this so I could distribue to you folks…

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Microsoft Certification in Visual Studio 2008

Certification can be a vast and bewildering experience.  Let me take you by the hand into the Promised Land.  But first, a bit of history never hurts.

Visual Studio 6.0
Back before .NET, before Technology Specialists, you only had two exams to prove you understood the entire Visual Studio concept:

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• Desktop Applications (either Visual C++ 6.0, Visual FoxPro 6.0 or Visual Basic 6.0)
• Distributed Applications (same language choices)

Additionally, if you wanted to prove you were a Premium Candidate in interview situations, then you couldn’t go past the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.  This required two extra exams:

• Analysing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures (Exam 70-100)
• 1 Elective Exam (e.g. SQL Server 7.0, Access 95(!), Access 2000, Exchange Server 5.5, Visual InterDev 6.0, FrontPage 98)

Visual Studio .NET (.NET 1.0)
Fast forward and the first .NET offering tacked on XML.  You had to do all three, if you were going for MCSD:

• Windows-based Applications
o Exam 70-306 (VB.NET) or Exam 70-316 (C#.NET)

• Web Applications
o Exam 70-305 (VB.NET) or Exam 70-315 (C#.NET)

• XML Web Services and Server Components
o Exam 70-310 (VB.NET) or Exam 70-320 (C#.NET)

The Microsoft Certified Application Developer was kind of like a Solution Developer “Lite”.  With the addition of XML, the MCSD became 5 exams.  Therefore, the MCAD, with its requirement of only 2 exams was an intermediate step towards it.  The requirements were either:

• XML and Web; or
• XML and Windows

The Solution Developer certification morphed into the MCSD for Microsoft .NET with the cleaning up of those elective exams:

• Analysing Requirements and Defining .NET Solution Architectures (Exam 70-300)
• 1 Elective Exam (e.g. SQL Server 2000, BizTalk Server 2000, Commerce Server 2000, Security, MSF 3.0)

Visual Studio 2003 (.NET 1.1)
The exams for this version of Visual Studio did not change.

Visual Studio 2005 (.NET 2.0)
With this version, a whole new generation of certification was first unveiled.  The MCAD and MCSD certifications were not discontinued, however those tracks will not have any transition path to the newer qualifications.  Instead, the concept now is to move a candidate from a Technology Specialist, to IT Professional to a Professional Developer:

1. A Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification demonstrates Core Technical Skills:

• 1-3 exams
• Certification retires with product support
• Focused on key product or technology
• Does not include job role skills.

2. A Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification demonstrates Breadth of Skills:

• Allows generalists, consultants and experienced professionals to show broad skill sets
• Allows specialists to show depth

3. A Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certification demonstrates Professional Skills:

• 1-3 exams
• Recertification required
• Technology Specialist Prerequisite
• Focused on single Job Role

In this version of Visual Studio, the language (either VB.NET or C#.NET) was merely a selectable option as part of the exam, rather than a separate exam (a much more sensible method).  A MCTS must pass two exams.  First, you had to prove you understood .NET:

• .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation (Exam 70-536)

Next, the specialisations were:

• Web-based Client Development (Exam 70-526)
• Windows-based Client Development (Exam 70-528)
• Distributed Application Development (Exam 70-529)

Finally, for MCPD you needed:

• Web Developer (70-547)
• Windows Developer (70-548)
• Enterprise Application Developer (Exams 70-536, 70-526, 70-528, 70-529, 70-549)

Visual Studio 2008 (.NET 3.5)
In my opinion, things just got a whole lot trickier.  Up to now the specialisations were easy: Web, Windows or Enterprise.  Now, I’m forced to make a decision between six options.  Each of the below is the Technology Specialist exam:

• .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Presentation Foundation Applications
o Exam 70-502
o Due March 25

• .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Communication Foundation Applications
o Exam 70-503
o Due March 27

• .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Workflow Foundation Applications
o Exam 70-504
o Due March 28

• .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Forms Application Development
o Exam 70-505

• .NET Framework 3.5 ADO.NET Application Development
o Exam 70-561
o Due May 12

• .NET Framework 3.5 ASP.NET Application Development
o Exam 70-562
o Due May 21

The good news for those of us who have already embarked on the .NET Framework 2.0 track, is that the Exam 70-536 is being renamed and retained.  We do not have to sit a new .NET 3.5 Exam.

The new name for the 70-536 is Technology Specialist: Microsoft .NET Framework, Application Development Foundation.

So, in summary, if you’ve already started on either the MCSD or MCAD tracks in the past, then the following table will help you to decide which new qualification you should attempt:

Should you make the jump now?  Not quite, the exams won’t actually exist until the end of this month.  If you’re in the process of certifying for Visual Studio 2005, then continue doing so.  However, I fully recommend making the jump to the new Visual Studio 2008 exams as soon as practical.

What an MCTS Course Can Do For You?

The MCTS or the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer will lead you into a career as an I.T administrator, who creates I.T solutions for small and large businesses. The main role of an MCTS professional is to implement, design and maintain the systems and networks for businesses.

How can the MCTS help me?

There are a number of benefits with this certification, which include;

(1) It validates you as Windows Server and Network specialist,

(2) It offers proof to your employers of your skills as an I.T expert,

(3) It is widely recognised and regarded as an essential qualification for I.T professionals,

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(4) As soon as you are certified you have access to the Microsoft community, where you can discover other business solutions, chat to other professionals, get access to the latest technology, as well as access exclusive newsletters,

(5) It may help you improve your prospects and salary,

(6) Finally, once completed, you will have greater access to other certifications or professional development courses.

This certification offers proof of your talents and knowledge to your clients or employers. It also demonstrates your commitment to the field. Not only that, it will improve your C.V and your prospects, as education combined with experience opens up much more opportunities for you.

What experience will I need?

To qualify for this exam, you need at least one years experience in a business that has over 200 users. You need a good range of experience before you take this exam, it includes:

(1) Experience of designing infrastructures for Windows networks and systems,

(2) Supporting a network,

(3) Supporting internet connectivity,

(4) Understanding file storage, firewall, printing and other configurations.

How do I study and get certified?

You can study by either attending classes, a boot camp or self study through revision guides or computer based training. Usually, classes and boot camps are more expensive and time consuming. On average an MCTS professional who attends classes can expect to require around 600-700 hours for study, whilst self study can require as little as a 200 hours. However, many hours you may need it is very important that you study very hard as there are seven exams to pass, all of which require in depth knowledge. Expect this certification to take between 6 months to a year.

After studying all you need to do is look for a MCTS test centre near you and book your place in advance.

What To Expect In Mcts: Windows Vista

Microsofts 70-620 test validates your skills and knowledge to efficiently install, configure and manage the MCTS Certification operating system in an enterprise environment. It is helpful for IT tech support personnel to upgrade their skills to Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. The TS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring (70-620) exam provides credit towards MCTS: Windows Vista, Configuration certification.

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This test prepares you for various job roles, which include: system administrators, network administrators, or technical support specialists. If you would like to know more about the TS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Configuring 70-620 test please visit Microsoft TS: Windows Vista, Configuration 70-620 exam page.

IT certifications have never been easier before. You will be IT expert in 7days.

Working with several Prometric and VUE testing cent Related Coverage

* Mcts 70-620 Answer To Question
The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor works only with 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.Answer options A, B, and D are incorrect. Microsoft recommends running Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to get the complete compatibility report.
* The Real Mcts/mcitp 70-620 Prep Kit
The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) on Windows Vista credential is intended for information technology (IT) professionals who work in the complex computing environment of medium to large companies.
* Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
In order to get the complete report on the compatibility issue of your computer, you should run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is a Microsoft proprietary tool that helps users determine if their XP-based computers can run Windows Vista.
* Removing Nero In Windows Vista
Microsoft introduced Windows Vista with eye catching user interface and lots of other features. New product changed many mindsets to upgrade those using Windows XP on their system. users, Certkingdom can pass the exams for you discreetly and help you get certified like all regular candidates do. The only difference is that you save all your time and effort.

Don’t be hesitating any more. We are professional test taker, just seize chance to sigu up with us and sit back to enjoy our service. The test is appropriate for you if you have experience in resolving issues concerning network connectivity, desktop operating systems, security, and other issues related with desktop applications.

The 70-620 test consists of Multiple Choice, Hot Area, Drag, and Drop, Build list and reorder, and Build a Tree questions. The test can be adaptive and simulation questions might be asked. There are no Case study type questions.

This 70-620 exam prepares you for various job roles, which include: system administrators, network administrators, or technical support specialists. The test is appropriate for you if you have experience in resolving issues concerning network connectivity, desktop operating systems, security, and other issues related with desktop applications.

Announcing an all-new Self-Paced Training Kit designed to help maximize your performance on 70-620, the required exam for the new Microsoft Certified

Technology Specialist (MCTS): Windows Vista Client certification. This 2-in-1 kit includes the official Microsoft? study guide, plus practice tests on CD to help you assess your skills. It comes packed with the tools and features that exam candidates want most–including in-depth, self-paced training based on

final exam content; rigorous, objective-by-objective review;70-620 Exam tips from expert, exam-certified authors; and customizable testing options. It also provides real-world scenarios, case study examples, and troubleshooting labs for MCSE exams skills and expertise that you can apply to the job.

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