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Microsoft MCSA Certification

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification helps you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in systems administration on Windows Server operating systems. This is an important credential offered by Microsoft to help you further your career prospects by announcing your clients and employers that you possess the skills crucial to successfully administer and troubleshoot network environments that are run on Windows server systems. This certification requires that you have a minimum of one to twelve months of experience with a network operating system, a desktop operating system, and an existing network infrastructure. The Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) credential endorses your capabilities to meet a variety of job roles including administrator, network administrator, network technician, information systems administrator, network operations analyst, and technical support specialist.


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Microsoft products are very lengthily used in almost all business enterprises today and therefore, the MCSA certification is essential for an IT professional to prove his know-how on the Microsoft technologies and products. While employers prefer to appoint professionals holding the MCSA certification, this certification also helps you to enjoy a preference in promotions. This will assist those having entry-level certification in related technologies to significantly upgrade their credentials and be recognized the industry. With this official document, you can find appropriate jobs.

Some of the reputed sites on the internet offer education material assisting you to pass all the MCSA 2003 certification 70-400 exams successfully. They offer MCSA 2003 certification preparation kit featuring realistic practice tests that contain challenging questions and thoroughly illustrated explanations to enable you understand the important concepts. In adding up, some sites also offer short tutorials, articles, study notes, and exam tips to help you get familiarized with question patterns, basic concepts and rare tips.

MCSA certification for Microsoft Windows 2003 requires you to take three compulsory Core tests paper in addition to an elective test paper. For clearing your MCSA 2003 elective tests, you can choose from several options to land one that meets your specific requirement. The MCDST certification exam is also considered as an elective. By visiting some popular sites on the internet with proven expertise, you can find the most beneficial training program.

Microsoft certifications get more expensive

On the first of July, it is going to take a little bit more cash to become Microsoft Certified Professional in specific areas.

According to an announcement from Microsoft, the retail price of mid-range Microsoft Certification exams will increase worldwide. The exams slated for a price increase are: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD), Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA).


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Meanwhile, the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams are expected to remain the same.

“This change reflects the significant value that our certifications provide to our customers and our continual investment in new and enhanced Microsoft Certifications and other program improvements,” the company said on Microsoft Learning.

Microsoft has posted a Silverlight-based pricing tool calculator (click here) to determine the price increase based upon test type and world region.

For example, current high school or university students in the United States pay $60 for a Microsoft Certification exam. After July first, this will cost $83, representing a 22% increase. For non-students it goes from $125 to $150, or an even 20% increase. The increases differ by region.

Microsoft says the new fees will let the company improve testing flexibility and security in various ways and develop new certification tiers.

Hotmail fail: Microsoft lays an egg in the cloud

Microsoft lost all email for 17,000 Hotmail customers, then botched the response. Is this a harbinger of Office 365 hassles?

Even a simple “We don’t know what’s going on, but here are the symptoms and we’re working on it” pinned to the top of the Hotmail forum would’ve been a breath of fresh air.

Instead, on Jan. 3, Microsoft posted an official terse explanation: “We have identified the source of the issue have restored email access to those who were effected.”

It’s now six days since the initial problem surfaced and we still don’t have any definitive word from Microsoft about what happened. In fact, we’re still getting conflicting stories. At 4:55 p.m. on Jan. 5, the tech support staff posted this response to a series of inquiries about still-missing messages:

I’d like you to know that we are actively working on resolving on this issue since it’s already under investigation. We will post back as soon as we have the latest news on what caused this issue. Thank you for your understanding.


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For heaven’s sake. Microsoft’s engineering team has been working on the problem for almost a week, and that’s the only explanation they can give us? Three days ago, we were told that “we have identified the source of the issue,” and now the support team’s telling us, “we are actively working on resolving this issue”?

Granted, on the Hotmail scale, 17,000 inboxes doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. But Microsoft’s ongoing fumbles in identifying and analyzing the problem; its trouble restoring user data; its muddled explanations of what happened and how the problems were resolved; and repeated communication gaffes with its customers certainly have me worried. How about you?

Hotmail fail: Microsoft lays an egg in the cloud

Microsoft lost all email for 17,000 Hotmail customers, then botched the response. Is this a harbinger of Office 365 hassles?

If this is the way Microsoft’s going to handle Office 365 outages, we’re in for some interesting times.

On Dec. 30, one of the largest SQL Server databases on the planet started having problems. The database in question just happens to belong to Microsoft. And the way the company reacted to the problems should raise red flags for anyone considering a move to the Microsoft cloud.


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According to a blog post by Chris Jones, a Microsoft vice president in Windows Live Engineering, the Hotmail servers had a problem with load balancing, resulting in 17,355 email accounts losing all of their data. It took Microsoft three days to restore the data. At least, Microsoft claims it had the data restored in three days. Voluminous postings on both the Windows Live Engineering site and the Windows Live Solution Center say that some people still haven’t gotten their data back.

Data loss happens in the cloud, on corporate servers, and on the desktop. But this is, arguably, Microsoft’s most widely deployed cloud application, backed by Redmond’s best and brightest, and it failed for 17,000 users for at least three days.

Put aside the obvious technical questions, like why were the servers performing a load balancing act in the middle of the busiest time of year? How did the data disappear and then suddenly reappear? Why does it take three days to retrieve lost data? Can’t SQL Server scale better than that? If you look at Microsoft’s response to the disappearing data, you really have to wonder how the ‘Softies would handle a data-destroying incident involving your company’s data.

Consider: The initial problem notification, predictably, came on the Microsoft support board, the Windows Live Solution Center. Hundreds, then thousands of people reported that all of their messages were gone. The support staff handling the Solution Center must’ve realized they were facing a systemic problem, not a random sampling of clueless users. But instead of coming out with a definitive statement and posting it on the forum in blazing color, the support people just chased after individual reports, using cut-and-paste responses to users’ cries of anguish.

MCSD .Net Certification by Microsoft

If you are a software developer and have good knowledge of Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1, Visual Studio 2003 and 2008 and want to prosper and earn high bugs, it’s time to get certified by Microsoft. Microsoft offers Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification for advanced programmers. MCSD.Net certified developers are in great demand today in IT industry that design and develop leading edge enterprise solutions using tools and technologies developed by Microsoft and .Net framework.


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Candidates who have got 2 years or more experience of development and maintaining solutions and applications is eligible to take MCSD.Net certification. Candidates opting for this certification are required to pass all four Core exam and one Elective exam. The Core exam tests the candidates with their technical proficiency and expertise in developing and maintaining enterprise applications that are based on Microsoft Development Tools, technologies and Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1. The elective exam includes technical expertise in any of the Microsoft Server Product. This certification holds its value for your entire lifetime for as long as demand of IT Professionals exists in the market. You can get comprehensive and updated information about list of exams on Microsoft website. Whenever some exam gets retired or some tracks are redesigned you needn’t take the whole certification again. You are required to pass only the replacement exam after you get certified then there’s no need of Re-Certification.

Software Training Academy offers 3-day intensive course for MCSD.Net preparing candidates. It offers different modes of teaching- Onsite Training, In-Class Training, Coached Self paced and Live-Class via Web. You can choose any mode according to your suitability of location as well as pace of learning. It also offers your interaction with instructor. There are a number of training providers for this certification. You can google about it and get more details.

You can get reference material for MCSD.Net certification on Microsoft Website for your guidance. Pressman book is a great book to get your fundamentals right about various Microsoft Technologies. But just reading is not enough; you need to practice them a lot on Microsoft Certified Tools.

Certkingdom MB5-858 Exam Training

Microsoft MB5-858 Certkingdom syllabus is designed according to the updated curriculum given by Microsoft. This syllabus highlights the most vital and anticipated contents regarding the test and exclude all of the unnecessary details. Thus, It provides a shortcut way and prevents you from over digesting the whole of Microsoft MB5-858 study materials. Let Certkingdom to smooth your way and make your scores higher to get Microsoft MB5-858 certification.


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You can familiarize yourself with the question format for the Microsoft MB5-858 exam by doing the online practice questions such as for those offered by us. Any other practice exam, Microsoft product practice test, and Download Microsoft MB5-858 exam braindumps And Microsoft MB5-858 exam Training Tools can also be useful. Certkingdom is the best source to prepare for your Microsoft MB5-858 exam for 100 percent results.

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REVIEW: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Beta Brings Already Solid Server into Modern Day

Office SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s biggest success stories in the corporate world. SharePoint 2007 is still a solid performer for a variety of tasks, but it has been showing its age. eWEEK Labs’ tests of the SharePoint 2010 beta show that Microsoft has done a good job of bringing the server squarely in step with the times, providing business-oriented social networking features and a new interface as well as beefed-up capabilities for the kinds of tasks for which businesses have been counting on SharePoint.


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REVIEW: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Beta Brings Already Solid Server into Modern Day

Ask businesspeople what the best and most useful product made by Microsoft is, and you may be surprised to hear many skip past the more obvious choices—such as Windows and Office—and go right to SharePoint.

Introduced as a modest set of online extensions for a variety of online and collaborative tasks, SharePoint is arguably the most successful Microsoft product of the last 10 years, especially in the corporate world. In many ways, SharePoint has become the core on which Microsoft has based most of its online enterprise solutions.

For our look at the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 beta, click here.

Need a corporate portal? SharePoint. Want a collaboration system? SharePoint. A document management system? Web publishing system? For those and many other tasks, companies have made use of the SharePoint platform.

All of this isn’t exactly what Microsoft had in mind for SharePoint—users have continually pushed the platform past its original design goals and have used it for tasks such as enterprise content management and records management.

However, while the current version, SharePoint Server 2007, is an excellent product (and the winner of an eWEEK Labs Analyst’s Choice award), it is definitely showing its age. To put it into perspective, when Microsoft was developing SharePoint 2007 in 2006, Twitter was just starting to leave its prototype stage and Facebook was just opening up to non-college students.

I recently tested the beta of the newest SharePoint server, which is due in the first half of 2010. I found that it has definitely caught up with the times, including capabilities such as Twitter-style microblogging and social networking. However, in my tests of the SharePoint 2010 beta, I also saw a much improved interface that takes advantage of rich Web technologies (and that also works well on non-Internet Explorer browsers), and I saw many new enterprise features that take into account the advanced applications for which businesses have been using SharePoint.

10 Strategies Microsoft Should Follow in 2010

5. Create a solid marketing campaign

Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I”m a PC” ads have proven extremely successful. Over the past few years, Microsoft has tried to match their success with marketing campaigns of its own. Unfortunately, they never worked out. Microsoft needs to spend time in the new year developing marketing campaigns that appeal to consumers, shed its products in a good light, and make them understand why they want to buy Windows or use Bing. It’s not easy, for sure, but the software giant needs to do its best.

6. Stay true to the enterprise

As Google and Apple attempt to steal operating-system market share away from Microsoft, it’s in the enterprise where the software giant can solidify its power. In the software space, the big money is made in the business world. Google can’t break into that space. Apple has had very little success. Microsoft rules the enterprise. In 2010, it needs to maintain that rule. It can’t simply switch gears to appeal to consumers because the competition has. By controlling the enterprise, Microsoft can keep its stranglehold on the market, no matter the competition’s offerings.

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7. Get rid of Starter edition

Microsoft made a mistake offering Windows 7 Starter edition to netbook users in 2009. Many of those consumers were upset to see that they couldn’t get the same experience on a netbook that they might otherwise enjoy on a standard notebook or desktop. In 2010, Microsoft needs to optimize Windows 7 to work with the netbook, so all versions of the software have the new features users want.

8. Don’t forget Web advertising

For too long, Microsoft’s Web-advertising efforts have been poor. When compared to Google’s advertising platform, Microsoft’s service falls short in almost every area. Microsoft needs to drastically improve its Web-advertising platform in 2010 if it wants to be successful on the Internet. Advertising is the way Microsoft will pay for many of its services going forward. Without providing a good alternative to Google’s advertising services, it won’t have much of a chance.

9. Get to work on security

Microsoft has done a better job of confronting the many security issues that face its operating system, but it has much more work to do in 2010. This year, the operating system faced zero-day vulnerabilities and far too many unpatched items that could have wreaked havoc on the user’s computer. A better security initiative (and more services like Security Essentials) will increase Microsoft’s stock in the security community. It has an opportunity to secure its operating system even more effectively in 2010. It can’t miss that opportunity.

10. Don’t obsess over Apple

Microsoft has a tendency to obsess over its competitors. It had an unhealthy obsession over Apple and Google in 2009. The Google obsession is understandable (after all, that company could cripple Microsoft), but the software giant’s focus on Apple is a bit much. There’s no debating that Apple can have a direct impact on Microsoft’s bottom line. At the same time, its OS market share is small, at best. And although the iPhone is beating Windows Mobile badly, Microsoft can still fall back on the enterprise. Apple is a large, powerful company, but it’s not nearly as big of a threat to Microsoft as some want to believe.

ActualKey 70-647 Training Tools

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Certkingdom 70-564 exam training

Certkingdom 70-564 study guide deliver you extensive training of all the key concepts and skills of exam curriculum. Certkingdom 70-564 training tools make you prepare the questions same as the Microsoft 70-564 exam. What’s more, our 70-564 practice Q and A are based on VUE testing centre features so to provide you every thing before you actually take your 70-564 exam.


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