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Intro on MCTS Certification 
The MCTS certification is the one, which helps the candidate to step into the IT industry. MCTS also helps the professional who are already in the IT industry to get into a good position in the field. The candidates who are applying for the MCTS Certification should have experience about the network connectivity, desktop operating system, security, and applications. Those who are very good in these areas can have the MCTS certification without any problem and they may be experienced in a particular filed. The future of the certification will be very good and more demand will be there for MCTS certified professional. There are lots and lots of products that are developed with Microsoft Technology. Microsoft develops products which is very helpful for the users.


What expertise and skills MCTS certification demands? 
Though you can acquire a reputable status by obtaining this certification, but it obviously demands a few expertises’s that you must have. For this reason, you must be able in:
Computer network literacy 
Solving logon related problems 
Creating as well as maintaining the desktop applications 
Executing password resets and others alike


MCTS certification will enhance your
Windows technologies
MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications
Microsoft SQL Server technologies
Microsoft Exchange Server technology
Other technologies


To get this certification, you will require an experience of at least two years in implementing, troubleshooting, and debugging a given technology. One can say that this certification is the foundation for all the different Microsoft Certifications that are meant to validate your expertise in the functionality and features of Microsoft key technologies. As an IT professional, either you can demonstrate your in-depth knowledge in a given technical application or choose to earn as many MCTS training as you want to endorse your capabilities across a number of Microsoft products. However, it is all the more essential to constantly update your certification to enhance your competency under today’s robust IT scenario.


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Behind the Scenes of the Microsoft-Nokia Partnership

Just look at the recently announced Nokia-Microsoft partnership. It turned out that it used to be a triangle, with Google in the mix.

Nokia first contemplated on inking a deal with Google before it announced its partnership with Nokia. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was in talks with both Google and Microsoft when he finally decided to go with the latter, which was his former employee.

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Microsoft agreed to pay billions of dollars to Nokia for marketing and developing Windows Phone 7 handsets. But the deal almost didn’t push through because Nokia executives thought that Microsoft is treating them like any other potential phone partner, while Nokia was looking for an exclusive software partner.

Then Microsoft CEO Ballmer was reminded that if Nokia inks a deal with Google, Microsoft will have no way to get its share in the smartphone market.

Because of that Microsoft went ahead and sent their proposal with Nokia, which the latter agreed with and they signed the contract before Nokia’s investor conference. It was during the conference when Elop announced the deal.

But before the partnership was made public, Vic Gundotra, Google vice president, posted a Twitter message that said two turkeys don’t make an eagle. This jab surprised Nokia executives when the conversations between companies had to be confidential.

Three days after the two turkeys announced their union. It looks like the Google executive’s prediction was right. After the announcement, both Nokia and Microsoft stocks went down. Nokia was down by more than 15 percent while Microsoft shares were down 2 percent. It looks like the investors didn’t see an eagle with the deal as well.

What makes Nokia Windows Phone devices unique?

I had the chance to attend the first day of Nokia World last week where they announced the Lumia 710 and 800 devices. James mentioned that he did not see much from the Nokia partnership. Nokia did mention three pieces in the keynote, but didn’t explain many of the details so I spent some time talking with some folks on the show floor and found out more to share with you.
Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive

One of the main services mentioned in February when Nokia and Microsoft announced their partnership was the integration of Nokia Maps into Windows Phone. The two companies said that Nokia Maps would not be exclusive to Nokia devices and that was confirmed at Nokia World. People with HTC, Samsung, LG, and other Windows Phone devices should see Nokia Maps appearing in the Windows Phone Marketplace within the next couple of weeks as a free software application. This version of Nokia Maps will NOT support offline maps or voice guided navigation, but does have the following features:

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* Local POI details (provides you location, phone number, reviews, and photos of up to 25 locations in your vicinity)
* Deep link support (you can pin destinations to the Start screen)
* Detailed maps in satellite, 2D, and 3D views

The differentiation between Nokia and other manufacturers will be offline maps and Nokia Drive, which is the program powering voice navigation. The voice navigation experience is much like what you see with Nokia Maps on the Symbian and MeeGo platforms. You can find voice guided navigation on Windows Phone in programs like Navigon, but when you get a Nokia Windows Phone you will get this support for free.
Nokia Music

The Windows Phone experience is best in the United States where you get full access to all the services of the Microsoft ecosystem. Outside the U.S. there is a matrix of unsupported services that gives Windows Phone users an inconsistent experience. Nokia is working to improve the out-of-box experience by providing Nokia Music for FREE on all Nokia Windows Phone devices. Nokia Music is similar to Spotify, Slacker, Rdio and other $10/month subscription services where you get unlimited streaming music support and offline music to enjoy when you have no connection.

As you can see in my video walk through with a Nokia representative below, there are several features in Nokia Music that make it a pretty compelling experience for new Windows Phone users.

Nokia Music does provide a one tap link to the Zune music on your device when you tap the My Music words in the main Nokia Music interface. There is radio stations customized for different regions that you can tap and download for offline listening. You get 50 songs per channel and up to four channels to download for something like 10-12 hours of music that should cover most any flight. There are also personalization options where you can search for your favorite artist and enjoy music from that artist.

The ability to get up and running with music right out of the box on Nokia Windows Phones is pretty compelling, especially when you know that other Windows Phone devices require you to first connect to a PC or Mac to get any music. With this free service and the trend of people to stream music, Microsoft may find fewer people subscribing to the Zune service with Nokia Windows Phones.
ESPN Sports Hub

The third app/service announced at Nokia World was an ESPN hub. I didn’t find this on the show floor to discuss more details and there was not much covered during the keynote. Based on what was shown, I really did not see any differences between this ESPN app and the ESPN ScoreCenter app for all Windows Phone devices. The ESPN Sports Hub was not on any of the devices in the hands-on area of the show and Nokia did not reveal when this would be coming to these devices.
Is this enough to offer a compelling Nokia WP experience?

I think the two main services, Maps and Music, are compelling offerings and if these services are important to you then it may be a no brainer to purchase a Nokia Windows Phone. It is important to put what we see here into perspective and understand that it was just earlier this February when Nokia and Microsoft announced this Windows Phone strategy and we already see a couple of unique Windows Phone services and two solid Windows Phone smartphones. I imagine there will be a LOT more coming from both Nokia and Microsoft in the future and in my opinion this partnership will be valuable for both companies.

Microsoft/Nokia partnership: Nothing much so far

Early this year Microsoft and Nokia were beaming as they announced the strategic alliance that would see the latter’s smartphones switching to the Windows Phone platform. Talk was rampant about the possibilities working closely together would create for new competitive products. Rumors have been tossed freely describing that Microsoft paid over a billion dollars to Nokia to form the alliance. With all of the posturing by both companies, it is not unreasonable to think Nokia would produce a Windows Phone product with features to set it apart from the competition. Strangely, that hasn’t happened.


Microsoft at Nokia World this week, hoping to see something unique coming that the strategic alliance has spawned. We’ve seen the first two Windows Phone products from Nokia, but neither one has that special something to set them apart from the competition. They are nice devices, but there is no special something that screams “look at me”. There’s not even a front-facing camera among them, to better take advantage of Skype video calling that is now under the Microsoft umbrella.


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With all of the money and resources Microsoft and Nokia are pouring into this Windows Phone alliance, to see nothing that sets it apart from the crowd is puzzling. It leads to the conjecture that Microsoft can’t help Nokia produce a special feature in its Windows Phone line due to concerns about upsetting its other platform partners. Maybe Microsoft realizes its partner’s commitment to the Windows Phone platform is fragile, and can’t risk upsetting the Mango cart.

With an alliance that reportedly has cost over a billion dollars, it’s not unreasonable to expect something new and improved, or even something radically unique. Instead all we’ve seen are some decent handsets with more of the same, only bearing the Nokia branding. That’s not likely enough to make this huge effort worthwhile.

It bears closely watching Nokia in the near term to see if something, anything specific to this strategic alliance comes along to set the resulting products apart from the crowd. It’s not a huge crowd to be sure, but just another handset or two like the others is not worth all of the effort expended.

Nokia denies Microsoft buyout rumours

Will comment on rumour and speculation
A senior executive at Nokia has responded to rumours that Microsoft is readying a bid for the mobile arm of the Finnish company, saying they were wide of the mark 70-640 Training .


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Nokia and Microsoft decided to partner up back in February in a bid to take on Android.

So far we have not seen this partnership bear fruit, but from day one there was speculation that this could be more than just strategic – a test bed for Microsoft taking Nokia under its wing.

News today that Nokia was getting rid of the Ovi brand and sticking with just Nokia has fuelled speculation that a takeover was on the cards, with Nokia know-it-all Eladr Murtazin saying in a blog (which was translated from Russian by Unwired View): “Next week Nokia will start the negotiations about the sale of its phone unit to Microsoft.

“For now the results of the negotiations won’t be public, but the deal might close before the end of 2011. Both companies are in a big hurry.”

Buy out (of the question?)

Microsoft has been spending big recently, acquiring Skype for a cool $8.5 billion. Seeing as this was a cash offer, we have a feeling Ballmer and co have enough in the coffers to claim Nokia for their own.

Mark Squires, UK Nokia PR, has tried to quash rumours, however, writing on his Twitter account: “We typically don’t comment on rumors. But we have to say that Eldar’s rumours are getting obviously less accurate with every passing moment. Microsoft Free MCTS Training and MCTS Online Training.”

So, denial from Nokia but this hasn’t stopped the rumour mill going into overtime.

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