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Career PC Multimedia Training Courses In MCTS Network Support

Because you’re doing your research on MCTS courses, the chances are you’re in 1 of 2 situations: You might be wondering about completely changing your working life to the field of computers, and research demonstrates there’s a growing demand for people with the right qualifications. In contrast you could already be in IT – and you want to enhance your CV with the MCTS accreditation.

When looking into training providers, ensure that you steer clear of those that short-change you by failing to provide the latest Microsoft version. This will only hamper the student due to the fact that they’ll have learned an old version of MCTS which doesn’t fall in with the present exams, so they’ll probably fail. A training provider’s focus must be centred on the most for their students, and everyone involved should have a passion for getting things right. Studying isn’t simply about qualifications – the process should be all about helping you to decide on the best course of action for you.
MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

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It’s essential to have an accredited exam preparation programme included in your course. Because many examining boards for IT are from the USA, it’s essential to understand how exam questions will be phrased and formatted. It’s no use just answering any old technical questions – they must be in an exam format that exactly replicates the real thing. A way to build self-confidence is if you test your depth of understanding by doing tests and mock ups of exams prior to taking the actual exam.

There are colossal changes washing over technology over the next generation – and this means greater innovations all the time. We’ve barely started to see just how technology will affect our lives in the future. Computers and the web will profoundly revolutionise how we see and interrelate with the entire world over the next few years.

Let’s not ignore salaries moreover – the typical remuneration in the UK for a typical person working in IT is considerably better than remuneration packages in other sectors. Odds are you’ll make a whole lot more than you could reasonably hope to get in other industries. With the IT marketplace developing year on year, it’s predictable that the requirement for well trained and qualified IT technicians will continue actively for decades to come.

Make sure you don’t get caught-up, like so many people do, on the training course itself. Your training isn’t about getting a plaque on your wall; this is about employment. Focus on the end-goal. It’s a sad fact, but a great many students begin programs that seem amazing from the syllabus guide, but which provides the end-result of a job that is of no interest. Try talking to typical university leavers for examples.

It’s a good idea to understand what expectations industry may have of you. Which precise qualifications they will want you to have and how you’ll go about getting some commercial experience. Spend some time assessing how far you think you’ll want to go as often it can control your selection of accreditations. Talk to a skilled advisor that has a commercial understanding of the realities faced in the industry, and could provide an in-depth explanation of what tasks are going to make up a typical day for you. Getting to the bottom of all this before commencement of any study program will save you both time and money.

Many trainers will provide an useful Job Placement Assistance program, to assist your search for your first position. Don’t get caught up in this feature – it’s easy for eager sales people to make too much of it. In reality, the massive skills shortage in the United Kingdom is why employers will be interested in you.

Nevertheless, don’t leave it until you have finished your training before bringing your CV up to date. As soon as your training commences, mark down what you’re doing and tell people about it! Quite frequently, you will get your first job whilst you’re still studying (occasionally right at the beginning). If your CV doesn’t say what you’re learning (and it isn’t in the hands of someone with jobs to offer) then you won’t even be considered! Actually, an independent and specialised local recruitment consultancy – who make their money when they’ve found you a job – is going to give you a better service than a recruitment division from a training organisation. They should, of course, also know local industry and the area better.

A slight frustration of many training companies is how hard people are prepared to work to get qualified, but how little effort that student will then put into getting the job they have trained for. Don’t falter at the last fence..

MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at

The Top 10 Best Laptops 2011

Shopping for a laptop these days is a pretty daunting task. The sheer number of laptops available online or in a store’s electronics section is enough to make your mind spin. Most people have a general idea of what their laptop should look like and what they want in terms of features, but are often intimidated by the choices available. That’s where we come in.



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The editors of test hundreds of systems each year to help you find the best laptop. There are a lot of laptops out there, from the large-screen desktop replacements to the lightweight ultraportables, and even netbooks, but all share common features. In this story, we help you narrow your choices by collecting the top 10 laptops on the market today.

HP Pavilion dv6-6013cl : Front HP Pavilion dv6-6013cl

In terms of looks, features, and cost, the HP Pavilion dv6-6013cl was already a great laptop, but the addition of a second generation Intel processor and dramatically improved graphics and gaming capability make it a winner.

Dell XPS 15 (Sandy Bridge) : Angle Dell XPS 15 (Sandy Bridge)

With a Sandy Bridge quad-core processor and excellent battery life, the Dell XPS 15 (Sandy Bridge) is arguably the most complete desktop replacement laptop, even if it isn’t the fastest or the prettiest.

Lenovo ThinkPad X220 : FrontLenovo ThinkPad X220

The Lenovo ThinkPad X220 business ultraportable is an amazing piece of engineering when you factor in all the features it squeezed into a 12-inch frame, including best-in-class battery life and the new Intel Core i5 i5-2520M CPU.

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Thunderbolt) : FrontApple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Thunderbolt)

The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Thunderbolt) is the fastest, most technologically advanced laptop to grace our Labs benches, thanks to new Intel architecture, a renewed romance with AMD graphics chips, and a connection technology called Thunderbolt.

Asus_U41JF-A1 : Angle Asus U41JF-A1

The Asus U41JF-A1 is the most well-balanced mainstream laptop, combining excellent power with all-day battery life.

HP Pavilion dm1z : Front HP Pavilion dm1z

The HP Pavilion dm1z and its AMD Fusion APU offer the best of both worlds: faster-than-Atom speeds and great battery life.

Sony VAIO VPC-Z1390X Sony VAIO VPC-Z1390X

The Sony VAIO VPC-Z1390X is, hands down, the lightest and most powerful ultraportable money can buy.

Toshiba Portege R705-P35 : Angle Toshiba Portege R705-P35

The Toshiba Portege R705-P35 is a more practical alternative to the Sony VAIO Z, bundling a 13-inch widescreen, optical drive, and a standard volt processor.

Acer Aspire AS5745-7247 : Angle Acer Aspire AS5745-7247

The Acer Aspire AS5745-7247 is one sweet laptop deal, putting in parts and features you don’t normally get at these prices.

Asus U45Jc-A1 Asus U45Jc-A1

The U45Jc-A1 is powerful and battery efficient enough to work through an entire day and look good while doing it.

Clearwire hopes to attract Apple users with new hotspot

Clearwire hopes to attract Apple users with new hotspot

Clearwire has expanded its portfolio of personal hotspots to include the iSpot, which has been designed to attract Apple users, the operator said on Wednesday.

Personal hotspots are becoming more common, either as stand-alone products or integrated into high-end smartphones. They are battery powered and users connect to the product using Wi-Fi, and the hotspot then connects to the Internet using HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) or, in the case of Clearwire, WiMax.

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The white iSpot offers an average download speeds of 3 Mbps (bits per second) to 6 Mbps with bursts over 10 Mbps, according to Clearwire. The capacity can be shared by up to eight Wi-Fi enabled products, within up to 150 feet, at the same time.

Clearwire has a map on its Web site where people can find out if the company has coverage there. The company operates the service in the U.S.

The hotspot weighs 130 grams and measures 110 x 62 x 18 millimeters. The battery life is up to four hours when used continuously on a single charge, according a Clearwire blog post.

Clearwire also took a jab at AT&T, saying that its subscribers don’t have to sort through confusing service plans or worry about how much data they’re using, according to a statement. Clearwire doesn’t impose a data limit.

The iSpot costs US$99.99, but is now on offer for $29 at Clearwire’s website. A mobile broadband subscription from Clearwire costs $25 per month.

The benefits of using the new Microsoft Office 2007

If you are an IT professional or use computers, you must be aware of Microsoft Office 2007. And if your computer is not upgraded with this latest version of Microsoft Office system, then you are lagging behind in experiencing the most user-friendly features. Microsoft has come out with a complete range of Microsoft Office 2007, viz. Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition, Microsoft Office 2007 Standard Edition. Each edition has been incorporated with all industry specific as well as individual specific features for a smooth functioning and making PC work an
exciting experience.

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A number of new features mark the specialty of the MS Office System. Menus and toolbars are the most frequently used by many a computer operator. And when these mechanisms come handy with all parameters required for an easy and user-oriented functioning, PC working becomes very fast and exciting. To install Office 2007 system, your computer will require any of Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or 3, Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 or higher, or Windows Vista.

The MS Office System is incorporated with several features, but the new office 2007 system is imbued with further upgraded and advanced features for the new generation PC users. You can buy MS Office System from Microsoft’s website or any of the websites that sells genuine Microsoft products. One advantage of buying it online is that you can view the complete features before buying it and at the same time avail discounts, get genuine products and save time as well as the hassles of visiting a store. There are reasons why you should buy MS Office System and stay at the competitive edge. Given below is a list of the added features that make Microsoft Office 2007 and its complete series like Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition and Microsoft Office 2007 Standard Edition the most sought after Windows by millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

Advanced User Interface with improved application features in Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, and Outlook Edit/Create; Office 2007 Button provides access to several Office application functionalities including choosing of color schemes for the interface; Ribbon Panel organizes commands; Contextual Tabs for exposing specific functions; Live Preview feature; Mini Toolbar facilitating automatic access to the frequently used formatting commands; Quick Access Toolbar, a repository of frequently used functions, which can also be customized; Zoom Slider for object magnification; and Super Tool Tips.

martArt is another improved tool that houses editable and formatted diagrams for instant use supplemented with quick styles and 3D effects to the graphic

You can open, edit, and save documents in File Formats like Office Open XML, PDF, XPS, Open Document

User Assistance System is a new feature that describes about application and tools with short easily understandable text, diagrams and pictures Other features include Data Sharing and Collaboration; Groove for managing workspace sessions including hosting/editing of collaborative data; Document Theme to define color, font and graphic effects; Quick Styles that facilitates smart use of text, tables, charts, SmartArt, WordArt in a customized manner.

Computer Training

Computer Training
The modern business world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. The advent of cheap computers has meant that any business, no matter how small, can now afford to run their operations using a complex network that requires programming to work at maximum efficiency. Constant upgrades and maintenance of computer systems has led to the growth of a vital job in IT – the computer programmer.

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Computer programming can cover every aspect of IT – from maintaining a website to completely reprogramming an entire network system. Consequently, computer programmers need to constantly update their skills set to match the ever-changing technology with which they work. Launching a career as a programmer can appear to be a daunting task at first, particularly if you only have limited experience of working with computers, but with the right training anyone can develop a career as a programmer.

Computer programming courses teach you the ‘nuts and bolts’ of programming, and yes, it does involve learning another language – C#. This is the universal language used by nearly all computer programmes, and once you are fluent in C# your skills set can be taken all over the world. However, the most important factor in developing a career as a computer programmer is to have what is known as ‘accreditation’ and for this you need to choose the right computer programming course.

One of the most highly regarded and universally considered ‘accredited’ courses are the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS: ASP.NET) and the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD: Web Developer) certifications. In both cases, these programming qualifications involve the C# development language and will introduce you to the fundamental skills needed to further a career in computer programming. The MCPD certification track extends to building interactive, data-driven web-based applications – one of the fastest growth areas of IT technology. All businesses are now realising that an online presence is vital if they are to compete in a global market, and good web developers are highly prized and very well paid.

Once you have achieved MCTS Training or MCPD accreditation, you can expect to earn up to £40k a year with experience. The best way to achieve these highly sought after qualifications is to undertake a ‘distance’ learning programme with an accredited IT skills provider. Look for providers who carry the Microsoft Gold Standard accreditation and can offer you a flexible course that enables you to learn whilst you continue to work in your current job. Alternatively, talking to your employer and explaining to them that you are looking for career development by gaining accreditation as a programmer is a good way to achieve financial sponsorship to complete the course, particularly if your employer uses Microsoft systems.MCITP Training

Googlism explained

Googlism explained

Google, one of the most powerful search engines on the planet, has turned into a household name. Founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, this site covers eight billion web pages, which make it the largest search engine ever.

Google comes from the word “Googol,” a mathematical term for one followed by 100 zeros. Certainly the site has lived up to its mathematical derivative, for it contains a wealth of data that has turned it into the most popular search engine of our time. However, Google isn’t just a search engine. Innovators at Google devote 20 per cent of their week to work on new and ground-breaking ideas. As a result, the site is continuously upgraded with various, new features that make it all the more interesting.

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Let’s take a look at these features — many of which are currently running on beta mode. Nonetheless, they could possibly change the whole process of searching.

For scholars
An novel approach for scientists and scholars, Google Scholars is specifically designed for academic literature, including theses, books, peer-reviewed papers, abstract and technical reports from all major areas of research.

Just like its web search, Google Scholar indexes your search results according to its relevance. The most useful reference appears on the top. This relevance ranking takes into account the full text of each article as well as the article’s author, the publication in which the article appeared and how often it has been cited in scholarly literature.

On the other hand, Google analyzes and arranges citations automatically and presents them as separate results. You can also learn more about older articles and other online stuff. The full text of articles only appears from opening access journals and preprints.

Web quotes
A few search engines (like Teoma) already provide suggestions or recommendations for the websites that you look up. However, Google’s WebQuotes does not let you indulge in guesswork about a site, that is, whether it will be worth visiting or not. By including comments from other websites alongside your results, you get to see what other people think of the site before you click on its link.

This service is still running as a beta version, but it offers you a full description of a site’s content. WebQuotes intelligently farms sites for the most relevant comments.

Donate your PC’s spare resources for serious medical and scientific research like SETI@home, by downloading Google’s Compute tool bar. You can receive data packets which can help you find a cure for Parkinson’s disease or give scientists the power to simulate protein synthesis.

One of the beneficiaries of this effort is Folding@home, a non-profit academic research project at Stanford University that is trying to understand the structure of proteins, so they can develop better treatments for various diseases.

Google’s interest in this service is not entirely selfless. The company wants to use distribution computing to improve the search engine — which itself can operate in a vast distribution network. Till that happens, of course, you can join hands with researchers to fight against some of the more lethal ailments.

Desktop search
Desktop search offers you multi-purpose full text search of email, computer files and the web pages you may have viewed. After installation, Google’s desktop search can look for your personal items through all file types in your PC. It can also search chats from AOL messengers. Currently, it is available for Windows XP and Windows 2000 updates and above.

After downloading this feature, you can search your personal items as easily as you look for information on the internet through Google. Unlike traditional computer search software that updates once a day, Google Desktop Search updates continuously for most file types, so that, for instance, when you receive new email in Outlook, you can find it within seconds. The index of searchable information created by Desktop Search is stored on your computer.

Towards the end of 2004, Google announced that it would provide details of digital books, so that worldwide users can look them up through the search engine. Working in collaboration with Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, Oxford University and New York Public library, the Google print programme helps publishers put their books and information in a searchable mode. On the other hand, Google is working with the world’s major libraries to integrate its contents on Google’s index, making it searchable for users world wide.

Users will see the relevant book page of their query. Clicking on a title delivers a Google Print page where users can go through the full text of public domain works and brief excerpts and/or bibliographic data of copyrighted material. Library content will be displayed in keeping with copyright law.

Voice search
This is truly a remarkable service from Google, but is still in its pilot phase. If you are tired of hitting the same key over and over again for your search, this feature is definitely for you. Through this service, Google will provide a special phone number for your query. Just say your search words and a state-of-the-art programme will understand and turn it into typed keywords, just the way you would.

Results can then be seen on your desktop. So far, it cannot recognize who you are, but engineers at Google are trying to make that work also. Of course, it would be extremely difficult to design a personal voice search engine for all users. However, this tool could come into its own as mobile computing and other telecommunication technologies of the future.

Personalized search
Google is well-known for its famous page-ranking technology. Personalized web searching could be an evolutionary step in this regard. The goal is to get tailored results according an individual’s search. For instance, if a fishing enthusiast enters the word “salmon,” his results will be ranked so that salmon fishing tips appear highest on the list. A cook will see recipes first, while biology students will get links to anatomical data. For this to work, you will have to fill out a detailed form, quite like your personalized online profile, This feature could be more useful than casual search and may be an important step towards developing search engines of the future. IT Training/ Educational search

Search engine provide the best it educational search for the seekers and have the best key word search types for e.g.,
Comptia A+ exams will find you the most relevant site that provide the complete and best IT exams solutions, search engine indexing dose not  relayed on the sites that are very old instead for it shows the site which is the best and most reliable solution for customers need in one of the best site I have ever find out searching on the net.

Every one is aware of mathematical sets in secondary schools, in which we arranged things according to their similarity. Google Sets work in the same way. First, you type in a few related search terms, which enables the search engine to look for related keywords in its database and show you the answer with links. I typed in “earthquake” and “volcano” and Google Sets returned with tornado, thunderstorm, flood and avalanche.

Why is this service so important? Well for starters, our keywords never return with the results that we want. Try creating a Google Set to catch those results you may have missed. Google Sets can also be used as an impromptu thesaurus.
Alternatively, you can use it just for fun, when you have lots of time and can type in random words to see what the search result brings. It is the simplest of ideas that have the most interesting applications — Google Sets’ apparent simplicity combine with a few algorithms for organizing data.

Google hopes to index information throughout the world. It is perhaps for this reason that the company introduced Google Video, an amazing service in which you can search and organize thousands of TV programmes every day. Google video helps you search for a growing archive of televised contents — everything, from cricket matches to documentaries and from talk shows to news or
MCSE Videos are one of the most searchable phases on the net.

Just type in your keyword or the name of the programme and Google Video will search the closed caption text of all the programs in its archive for relevant search results. Click on the programmes and you can read a short introduction about it with a still image of the show. A side panel, entitled “about this show” will provide you with details about a particular show, for example, when it will air next.

Google is just testing this service right now, so you can find limited programmes from a few channels such as, Fox News, NBC and PBS. You can also enter your zip code to customize showtimes to your local area as well. At present, Google is asking content owners to add their contents to Google Video and its pages are expanding rapidly.

Intel has its eye on iPhone smartphone market

Intel has its eye on iPhone smartphone market

Reports are circulating around the Internet that the powerhouse chip maker is close to finalizing a deal with German semiconductor company Infineon Technologies AG to buy its wireless chip unit. If such a deal goes through, it would be a boon to Intel , which has struggled to get a footing in the lucrative smartphone market.

“Infineon chips are used in smartphones from the iPhone to other popular phones,” said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. “The vast number of phones and now smartphones is driving a lot of chip sales, and Intel wants a piece of that pie . If Intel grabs Infineon, it will definitely have an impact on the market. With Intel’s size and reach, they can put the competitive screws to the other companies and drive margins down.”

On Monday, Infineon announced that executives have been in discussions with “interested parties” about its wireless chip unit. “A significant progress has been made within these discussions,” the company said on its Web site, although the names of the interested parties were not disclosed Microsoft MCTS Training.

Talk in the blogosphere and in online media sites noted that Intel has not been the only company interested in Infineon’s wireless chip business. Reportedly Samsung Electronics Co. and Broadcom have also thrown their hats into the ring, though Intel is rumored to be the frontrunner.

Infineon is a hot commodity because of the widespread adoption of its chips in the smartphone market. The company’s wireless chip unit produces cellular baseband chips used by Apple for some of its iPhones and its new iPad . The chips are also used in some BlackBerries and Samsung and Nokia phones.

The hot smartphone market would be lucrative for any chip maker these days. Research company iSuppli Corp. estimates that next year Apple will be the second-largest semiconductor buyer in the world, so the company selling a big chunk of smartphone chips to Apple could expect to be in an enviable position.

“From what I’m seeing, Intel has the inside track, and it looks to me like they’re going to cut a deal,” Olds said. “I see this as a good move for Intel. It gives them a stronger mobile play and we know that this is a market that they’ve openly lusted after for years… Intel has had a hard time cracking the phone market because they couldn’t get their heads around it. Their chips were too big and power hungry and didn’t offer the same overall value as, say, ARM chips.”

However, Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group, said buying a piece of Infineon might be going down a road that has a few bumps Microsoft MCITP Certification.

“Infineon has a presence that Intel could find valuable, but buying a European company, particularly one in Germany, comes with a lot of regulatory problems that will make the purchase more difficult to close than otherwise,” he noted.

Enderle also said the difference between Intel’s and Infineon’s chip-building platforms could pose a problem for the company down the road.

I see mostly downsides because of the difference in the platforms,” he added. “However it would improve their chances [in the smartphone market]. The question is whether that improvement is worth the cost and an inability to easily exit from it should this strategy fail. At least from my angle, the risks exceed the benefits with this one significantly.”

Microsoft Needs a Tablet Strategy Not a Tablet

Microsoft Needs a Tablet Strategy Not a Tablet
Ballmer promised the world that a Windows 7 tablet is coming. Maybe it is, or maybe it’s just a pipedream, but Microsoft doesn’t need to focus on developing a Windows 7 tablet. Microsoft does need to focus on having a strategy for taking advantage of the changing mobile computing market–but it doesn’t have to include a Windows 7 tablet.

The assurance of a Microsoft MCTS Training tablet from Ballmer seemed more like a macho reaction to a triple-dog dare than a legitimate Microsoft project. It’s as if the analysts and media challenged Ballmer’s manhood, and Ballmer couldn’t accept that Apple and Google have tablets without throwing Microsoft’s hat into the ring as well.
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Here is what I have noticed, though: Exxon-Mobil does not build cars, and Coca Cola does not involve itself in manufacturing refrigerators. Exxon-Mobil wants to continue to ensure that its fuel is used in as many different vehicles as possible, and Coca-Cola would like to have its beverages in every refrigerator, but each focuses on how to adapt and improve its own products, and how to better market existing products, rather than trying to sell the cow and the milk at the same time.

Microsoft has strengths, and it has weaknesses. Rather than trying to overcome its weaknesses to flounder about in a futile attempt to compete in markets that aren’t its core business, Microsoft should focus on its strengths, and how to continue to evolve and adapt them to meet the changing needs of its customers.

At one point, mobility was about putting a Windows desktop into a more portable form factor, and supplying the world with Windows laptops, but the game has changed. That means that Microsoft does need to recognize that mobility is rapidly changing and determine where it fits in the new equation, but it doesn’t need to build the mobile platforms.

The rise of increasingly powerful and capable smartphones, and the introduction of the tablet revolution have shifted mobility away from Windows. The next generation of mobile computing relies on a mobile OS that is uniquely suited for mobile devices. Microsoft will shoot itself in the foot if it continues to try to make mobile computing about putting its Windows desktop operating system into new gadgets.

Most of the world relies on Microsoft Office for essential productivity software. Microsoft’s customers are heavily invested in Microsoft server technologies like Exchange, SharePoint, and Office Communications Server, and they want tools to allow them to access the Microsoft backend while on the go.

Rather than wasting time and money pursuing a Microsoft-centric platform that would probably only capture 10 percent of the market anyway, Microsoft should be building its mobility strategy on developing cross-platform solutions, or platform-specific apps that enable the 90 percent of the market to continue using Microsoft MCITP Certification software no matter what smartphone or tablet they choose.

Microsoft bug reports fail to produce prompt patches

Microsoft bug reports fail to produce prompt patches

Even Microsoft can’t move software makers to patch their products.
According to data released Wednesday by the company, third-party developers patched just 45% of the vulnerabilities that Microsoft MCTS Training security team reported to them during the 12 months from July 2009 to June 2010.
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The newest number, however, was more than triple that during the year-long stretch through June 2009, when developers patched a measly 13% of the bugs Microsoft reported.

Yesterday’s data came from a progress report issued by the Microsoft Vulnerability Research, or MSVR, a program launched in August 2008 in which the firm’s security researchers report bugs they find in third-party software, and coordinate with other firms to make sure that details of the flaws don’t go public until patches are ready.

Microsoft tried to explain the sluggish patching pace of its MSVR partners. “Most vulnerabilities identified … since July 2009 have not yet been resolved,” the progress report admitted. “This is not entirely surprising — in most cases the vulnerabilities … have been low-level architecture issues that are not easy to resolve, and vendors require considerable time to develop an effective resolution and test it thoroughly.”

The pattern was repeated in a July 2009 episode that Microsoft touted as a good example of the MSVR program at work.

The multi-patch event began when Microsoft fixed a bug in a code “library,” dubbed Active Template Library (ATL), that was extensively used by both Microsoft and other developers to craft software with the former’s Visual Studio development platform. Anyone who had called on the flawed ATL to create programs was then forced to patch Visual Studio, then recompile their code and distribute the new, secure software to users.

Even though Microsoft went to great lengths to reach out to third-party developers who had used the buggy ATL — identifying vendors whose products needed updates, holding confidential conference calls with each developer and sharing proof-of-concept exploit code with them to illustrate the danger — fewer than a third actually patched their programs.

“Of the 37 vendors on the initial MSVR list, 12 had released updates to address the ATL issue by the time the process had concluded,” the progress report acknowledged.

Adobe, which had used the buggy Microsoft library to create its Flash Player browser plug-in, was the first third-party developer to fix the flaw. Adobe updated Flash Player just two days after Microsoft patched the ATL vulnerability in Visual Studio.

Microsoft did not reveal the number of vulnerabilities its engineers found and reported to other companies in last 12 months, but did note that 97% of the bugs were rated by Microsoft MCITP Certification as either “critical” or “important,” the company’s two highest threat rankings in its four-step scoring system.

LG expects to launch a few Windows Phone 7 mobiles this year

LG expects to launch a few Windows Phone 7 mobiles this year

South Korea’s LG Electronics will launch its first smartphone designed around Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software by the end of September and will follow with more by the end of the year, a company representative said Wednesday.

Photos of one of the LG smartphones have already been shown off by a number of enthusiast blogs. That phone is ready to go, according to LG.
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“We have a deep relationship with Microsoft MCTS Training so expect to have a couple by the end of this year,” said Ken Hong, an LG representative in Seoul.

The company also expects to pour more money into research and development around other mobile phone OSs, including Android and other Linux distributions, he said.

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On Wednesday LG reported troubling financial results at its mobile phone division, including an operating loss and a 30.8 percent drop in sales revenue compared to the same time last year. Handset shipments increased 2 percent year on year to 30.6 million units.

Average selling prices dropped as a result of the company’s emerging markets strategy, according to Hong. Sales of low-end handsets were strong in emerging markets, but high-end handset sales lagged, he said.

LG will continue to follow its long-term strategy by investing aggressively to expand in emerging markets this year, he said.

LG is the world’s third-largest mobile phone vendor, behind Nokia and Samsung Electronics, according to Gartner. The market researcher said LG held an 8.6 percent share of the mobile phone market in the first quarter of this year Microsoft MCTS Certification.

The IDG News Service is a Network World affiliate.

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