Test information:
Number of questions: 60
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 61%
Languages: English, Japanese

This test is valid for TM1 v10.1 and TM1 v10.2.

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Specialist – Cognos TM1 10.1 Data Analysis

The IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst exam covers key concepts, technologies, and functionality of the Cognos products. In preparation for an exam, we recommend a combination of training and hands-on experience, and a detailed review of product documentation.

TM1 User Interfaces (25%)
Demonstrate knowledge of TM1 perspectives
Demonstrate knowledge of cube views
Describe when to use TM1 Web
Describe TM1 Application Web
Describe Cognos Insight
Describe data entry mechanisms

TM1 Architectural Concepts (20%)
Describe basic server configuration
Demonstrate knowledge of TM1 Objects
Describe security concepts
Describe the reasons for usingTM1 as a data source for other products

TM1 Functional Knowledge (55%)
Demonstrate knowledge of how to analyze data
Describe how to use cube views
Describe how to use subsets
Describe how to create and deploy reports and templates

IBM Certified Specialist – Cognos TM1 10.1 Data Analysis

Job Role Description / Target Audience
The TM1 Analyst is responsible for manipulating business data to discover and understand trends and exceptions, and for performing predictive analysis for an IBM Cognos TM1 model. This individual will be able to participate as an effective team member on implementation projects.

To achieve the IBM Certified Specialist – Cognos TM1 10.1 Data Analysis certification, candidates must possess the skills identified under Recommended Prerequisite Skills, if any, and pass one (1) exam.

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Recommended Prerequisite Skills
Prior to your preparation for this associate-level certification, the following knowledge and skills are recommended and assumed:

Intermediate/Advanced competency in Microsoft Excel
Basic understanding of relational databases
Basic understanding of multidimensional data

This certification requires 1 test(s).

Test(s) required:
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Test C2020-701 – IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst

This test is valid for TM1 v10.1 and TM1 v10.2.

How do you configure a TM1 Web application so that users are not prompted for the TM1 Admin
Host every time they log in?

A. Modify the capability assignments in TM1 Architect.
B. Edit the pmpsvc_config.xml file.
C. Edit the web.config file.
D. Change security on the top-Level application folder from “private” to “public”.

Answer: C


A company uses Excel workbooks to access IBM Cognos TM1 data over a wide area network.
The company needs to improve the performance of their Excel workbooks which contain multiple
slices from multiple TM1 cubes.
Which two changes will improve performance? (Choose two.)

A. Convert all DBR() functions to DBRW() functions.
B. Make all DBRW() functions reference a single VIEW function.
C. Convert all DBRA() functions to DBRW() functions.
D. Convert all DBRW() functions to DBR() functions.

Answer: A,C


Why would you use Rebuild over Recalc in an Active Form?

A. When a conditional format on a report changes
B. When metadata is added to the TM1 model that must be displayed on the row
C. When data changes along the rows of a report
D. When a leaf element is added to a consolidated element of a report

Answer: B


A TM1 Application Web user has completed data input. Which action allows the user to lock the
data for review?

A. Commit
B. Save
C. Release ownership
D. Submit

Answer: D


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