Test information:
Number of questions: 62
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 67%
Languages: English, Japanese

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Associate – Sametime 9.0
Exam 414: IBM Sametime 9.0 Fundamentals

Description: Covers IBM Sametime 9.0 material as it relates to competencies within the following product areas:
IBM Sametime Skills Requirements
Managing IBM Sametime
IBM Sametime Clients
Integration with other Products

IBM Sametime Skills Requirements
Identify the skills required to administer an IBM Sametime infrastructure
Identify administrative requirements for IBM Sametime components
Understand the IBM Sametime architecture
Understand IBM Sametime server components and roles
Compare IBM Sametime Communicate vs. Conference vs. Complete
Identify IBM Sametime ports and URLs
Summarize installation steps
List the mobile and browser clients
Describe client deployment methods
Describe features of the instant messaging, standalone, embedded and web clients
Describe the features IBM Sametime Mobile
Describe features of the Meeting Center, Web and Rich Client
Describe audio and video capabilities through the web and through peer to peer
Understand audio and video integration
Understand requirements for traversing video features through a network firewall
Understand requirements for integrating into an existing IBM Domino network
Identify IBM Sametime Advanced features
Review migration steps
Explain the use of LDAP with IBM Sametime
Explain accessing IBM Sametime services from outside the network
Explain clustering/HA options
Understand IBM Sametime Unified Telephony scope: what it does and what hardware is involved
Understand policy settings

Managing IBM Sametime
Verify IBM Sametime system requirements (including limitations of virtualization)
Identify supporting servers needed (IBM DB2, IBM WebSphere, IBM Domino, LDAP, IBM Sametime)
Understand the fundamentals of IBM Sametime System Console
Configure LDAP for IBM Sametime
Work with IBM DB2
Manage IBM Domino security (configure trusted IP)
Configure virtual hosts
Perform actions to start and stop the IBM WebSphere Application Server
Configure IBM Sametime Business Cards
Assign and apply policies

IBM Sametime Clients
Work with IBM Sametime features and preferences
Understand and work with mobile clients
Understand and work with the Meeting Room features
Work with Broadcast Communities and Persistent Chat
Identify IBM Sametime client features within IBM Sametime Unified Telephony
Understand the inclusion of the soft phone
Understand plug-in deployment and update sites
Add communities
Work with the Contact list
Configure transcripts and chat logging
Use voice and video in meetings and chats
Use offline messaging

Integration with other Products
Understand IBM Notes integration
Understand IBM Connections integration
Understand IBM WebSphere Portal integration
Understand IBM Sametime Plug-ins
Understand IBM Sametime Gateway connectivity to all supported instant messaging communities

IBM Certified Associate – Sametime 9.0
This entry-level certification is intended for individuals who have a good understanding of IBM Sametime 9.0 features and functionality including, but not limited to:
– IBM Sametime Skills Requirements
– Managing IBM Sametime
– IBM Sametime Clients
– Integration with other products

This certified individual is able to perform the basic tasks involved with this role with little assistance from peers, product documentation and vendor support services.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
Knowledge and skills one needs to possess before beginning to prepare for this job role certification:
– Basic knowledge and use of IBM Sametime 9.0
– Understand the skills needed to administer an IBM Sametime environment
– Basic understanding of IBM WebSphere and IBM Domino 9.0
– Basic understanding of databases
– Basic concepts of unified communication

The IBM Sametime Meeting Server supports which file types for document conversion?

A. zip, iso, exe
B. doc. xls. ppt
C. log, csv, key
D. vcf. xml. wav

Answer: B


In which policy is the setting “Allow screen sharing” found?

A. Meeting
B. Sametime
C. Media Manager
D. Instant Messaging

Answer: A


The ability to create an audio video conference with more than two participants requires the use of
which type of server?

A. IBM Sametime Proxy Server
B. IBM Sametime Video Manager
C. IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Server
D. IBM Sametime Multimedia Control Server

Answer: B


Which two features are included with Sametime 9 Mobile Chat Client?

A. Meeting support
B. Broadcast tool support
C. Multi-point video on phone
D. Point-to-point video on tablets
E. Push-notification support for Android

Answer: A,E


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