Number of questions: 70
Number of questions to pass: 51
Time allowed: 90 mins
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This exam consists of 6 sections described below.

Section 1: Planning for Installation and Configuration
Given a defined customer environment and required objectives, ensure interoperability and account for any special requirements prior to installation so that the system is ready for the IBM Spectrum Control installation.
Given the customer’s IBM Spectrum Control installation, determine security needs for IBM Spectrum Control UI and Storage Resource Agent deployment so that IBM Spectrum Control server can be used and deployed.
Given the need for daily reporting, capacity planning, and monitoring, determines the reporting needs and building of alerting for an automated process to be implemented so that documented storage needs with reporting and alerting for early detection can be achieved.
Given a customer’s IBM Spectrum Control environment, determine if a new installation or a migration/upgrade to the newest IBM Spectrum Control code, or the server agent, or both are required to be completed so that requirements are understood.
Given a customer environment where the latest release of IBM Spectrum Control will be installed, ensure that all installation requirements are met so that IBM Spectrum Control is ready for installation.

Section 2: Installation
Given a requirement for an IBM Spectrum Control installation, ensure the supplied version of software and licenses are valid and accessible so that a fully functional Spectrum Control environment can be achieved.
Given Spectrum Control media, perform installation steps by using an installer method so that the Spectrum Control server is successfully installed and operational.
Given installation errors, determine the root cause of the failure so that they can be corrected for successful installation.

Section 3: Configuration
Given a customer requirement to manage devices in the same manner, configure devices (servers, switches, storage), so that data collection is performed.
Given a probe defined to collect status and asset information about a selected resource define and create schedules so that a message is displayed that confirms that a probe schedule was created for the resource(s).
Given a functioning IBM Spectrum Control environment and configured fabric and storage subsystems, configure History settings and automation so that all jobs have been scheduled, completed or running that can be seen and managed.
Given a customer requirement for alerts, identify the alerts which are required to be defined and set triggering conditions and actions so that customer will get the appropriate alerts based on requirements.
Given a functioning IBM Spectrum Control environment and configured fabric switches, and storage subsystems, use IBM Spectrum Control to define performance monitoring jobs to collect performance data so that running and completed jobs can be viewed.
Given a successful IBM Spectrum Control server installation, configure the agentless server so that it can be used to provision storage to a host that has no Storage Resource Agent deployed or to provide end to end correlation between server and storage based on WWPN.

Section 4: Customization and Administration
Given a working IBM Spectrum Control environment, use the WEB UI Dashboard to view the summary information about a storage environment, monitor the overall condition and usage of resources, and the number of acknowledged/unacknowledged alert conditions that are detected on monitored resources. The condition of applications, groups and other entities that consume storage on resources as well as a display chart showing the most active storage systems are also available.
Given a working IBM Spectrum Control environment where all supported platform requirements have been met, interact with a Storage Resource Agent (SRA) so that the agent is available for interaction.
Given customer requirements and a working IBM Spectrum Control installation, perform daily and periodic maintenance so that the Spectrum Control is running at optimum.
Given a set of IBM Spectrum Control users, define which parts of IBM Spectrum Control each user or user group can access so that it meets the user’s security requirements.
Given a working IBM Spectrum Control environment and customer requirements, configure resources history retention so that a customer can keep data based on set number of days.
Given Cognos is installed and a customer requirement for capacity and performance reporting for all resources managed and monitored by the Spectrum Control server, create, schedule, and run reports by using the WEB UI so that reports can be generated using Cognos.
Given a requirement to monitor and view performance for specific storage systems, switches and their internal resources using IBM Spectrum Control view the performance of specific storage systems, switches and their internal resources so that performance metrics are displayed.
Given Storage Resource with Pools has been configured to IBM Spectrum Control and probe has been running successfully for more than 1 month, monitor and view historical capacity data for pools of a specific storage systems, using IBM Spectrum Control so that a projection can be made as to when a pool will run out of space.
Given the storage subsystems are configured and probe is running successfully and the license/terabyte is known, verify managed capacity and check licensing so that it can be determined that the total capacity of the storage systems that are being managed does not exceed the licensed capacity limit.
Given a working IBM Spectrum Control environment and customer requirements, interact with groups so that groups can be monitored to assist with hierarchical insights around capacity and performance.
Given a well defined storage environment, assign Tiers to Storage Pools so that storage pools can use the VSC enhanced functions.
Given an installed IBM Spectrum Control server and DB2 database, administer the database so that the server and database are fully functioning.
Given a functioning IBM Spectrum Control server and properly configured devices interact with storage, servers and network entities including Access Gateway /NPV Switches and navigate the WEB UI so that properties and details can be viewed to gather information based on customer requirements.

Section 5: Troubleshooting
Given a functioning IBM Spectrum Control, check for successful probes and performance monitor jobs, review reports, output reports/ logs, and displays so that analysis of functionality can be accomplished.
Given an IBM Spectrum Control installation at a customer site, determine the status of the components, stopping and starting the components so that it can be determined that IBM Spectrum Control is working properly.
Given an installed IBM Spectrum Control server and Internet access, gather data from service tool, repocopy tool, logs and output reports so that application data logs and tools output can be assembled and sent to IBM Support via the PMR process.
Given errors in running data collection jobs or to the entity itself, configure error monitoring so that the IBM Spectrum Control administrator can be alerted.
Given a failure of scheduling jobs or tasks and configured alerting, determine the root cause of the failure so that it can be corrected.
Given a successful IBM Spectrum Control server installation, check various locations for successful completion of daily tasks, performance metrics and alerts so that the system is running efficiently
Given a customer’s Spectrum Control environment has encountered errors, define necessary steps to configure tracing to aid in problem determination as directed by the IBM support team so that message logging is enabled and enhanced.
Given a Spectrum Control installation with error conditions and Internet access, use the menus to generate relevant log files online so that gathered information can be used for troubleshooting.

Section 6: Advanced Analytics
Given a functioning IBM Spectrum Control server with advanced licensing, a requirement to analyze storage tiers using IBM Spectrum Control and volumes/pools residing on the same SVC, optimize the placement of volumes on storage tiers and analyze the tiering of volumes so that recommendations are generated and displayed to ensure that the volumes are placed on tiers that best match the workload requirements of the volumes.
Given a functioning IBM Spectrum Control with Advanced Edition license and properly configured storage devices with volumes/pools residing on the same SVC, balance pools so that storage performance is optimized.
Given a successful IBM Spectrum Control server installation, work with Capacity Pools so that Capacity Pools can be used to separate storage resources in a way that serves the needs of the environment or business.
Given an installed IBM Spectrum Control server with advanced licensing and a known Storage environment classification, define Service Classes and assign Tiers or a range of Tiers to it so that server classes are created.
Given a working IBM Spectrum Control environment with advanced licensing and customer requirements with volumes residing on an SVC, perform storage optimization by transforming volumes in storage virtualizer pools so that recommendations from analysis and implement volume provisioning state changes within a storage virtualizer can be reviewed.
Given a successful IBM Spectrum Control server installation with advanced licensing, provision storage to a server/cluster using Provisioning in the Advanced Analytics section so that additional storage will be provided to a Server/Hypervisor.

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